It’s Wild Fire Time Again; It’s Smoky.

It’s hot and dry, true to form a Wildfire has started nearby at Port Costa about 20 miles from my home. It has not been reported on fully yet as these fires take time get to, we’ll get a report on tonights news; at least some video clips giving us an idea of what’s happening.

Taken today early Great Blue Heron

I have taken a substantial number of pictures while I was recuperating; I have added to them a few at a time. They were all taken with my new camera on settings I have evolved into, I may have it figured out.

The Wild Fires (continued) I have since discovered after watching the evening Weather Guesser there are 4 fires burning within a 20 mile radius of our home. As I look out the window towards the Diablo Range the smoke is lessening a bit to what is now a haze. But the issue is there is a distinct possibility more will start overnight. However even a small amount of moisture helps an unbelievable amount. Fire Science is interesting and I know nothing about except I have been involved in a lot of them. Not wild fires so much but barn, machinery, aircraft and ship board. I have helped extinquish enough of them to put the fear of them in the reaction section of my brain.

I took several of it against the Levee rocks; I was able to make a distinct image of the Heron with my camera; I’m happy with them although a bit more color would help it out.

I’m not the type to promote capital punishment. but these Wild Fires have gotten real old. My brother asked me tonight how many I think are Arson; My answer is 80% by humans. Either accidentally or otherwise, fires are mostly started for monetary reasons and the perpetrators are rarely caught. The other causes are as varied and include almost everything we are able to think about. Lightening, Vehicle issues, burning items not fully extinquished (campfires) and many natural causes. In the hot Western Sun of which all of the Western States are bathed in fires can start by magnifying a glass bottle or even a can of used motor oil is able erupt in flames when the black ooz reaches it’s flash point.

My favorite Bird the Green Heron, this is a large fellow. He’s twice the size of his mate, she’s every bit of 6 inches (tiny) he on the other hand is 12″.

The drought figures into this as well, from my perspective the lack of rain has made everything tinder dry. I assume there is at least enough water to use on the fires. We have water in the Delta for now but as the summer dwindles away it will become scarcer. However even if the Delta is filled with salt water it will still put out fires. One event in particular has placed us at risk during past years; camp fires or warming fires. They are often in a remote area started by people who are either homeless or live in an unimproved shelter. A smoldering camp fire is a disaster in the waiting. On the same hand I cannot and will not begrudge someone making a fire to warm in.

The Great White Egret is another favorite, my style is to include a sizeable amount of the habitat surrounding the subject. It works for me but not in contests it’s called something like “Landscape Nature”. I don’t know why we lable everything.

Along with the dryness is the effects of the last wet winter, the rainwater runs like rivers down the mountain sides carrying tinder, logs and entire trees along with them. The debris has a tendency to pile up where the water dumps it although a fair share ends up in the river and floats passed my Crows Landing. The debris is not only a fire hazard but it is a navigational challenge as well. Water logged logs kind of float, if they were pylons one end is waterlogged making it sink while the other end floats at an upward angle; it’s at the right angle to completely spear a boat. They offer a normal collision event as well. After it’s dumped on shore and dries out it is like a timer is set to go off in the heat.

I took some images of Hummingbirds as well; they’re not my favorite bird.

Most rural areas have farms with heavy equipment which causes sparks and then fires. Included in that mess of steel is yard equipment, mowers for example start more fires then I’d like to admit. We live in a dynamic environment on a normal day but when the wind blows, the temperature is over 95º F. and it has not rained for a few months it is much more dynamic almost dangerous.

Jacque Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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