The Seagulls are absent but the Pictures aren’t.

There is much I don’t understand about a-lot of stuff, it feeds my curiosity at times. Other times it confuses me with no answers and no explanations. Today I am talking about the weather (again) the older we become the more importance the Weather holds. I turn the local news on for an hour in the morning to catch up on the Weather, local issues and events that took place overnight.

My question is how in the world can it be 100º F. on Wednesday amd 65º F on Thursday? We have numerous days like that, in fact they are at times predictible. The wind is howling and it’s cool out.

I was going through my photo archives today and chose Seagulls for today’s blog. It’s a sequence taken last year picturing a single Gull landing on the Pylon. It’s actually one of many “practice” shots taken to help me learn how to place the entire sequence on a single print. There is quite a bit to it, of which I’m still in discovery mode. This first photo is the approach.

This picture is what I refer to as the “set up”, the Gull is lineing itself up to land. They make it look easy but I am sure it would take me several weeks just to come up with a plan. That makes me wonder if the birds have to practice as well, from what I have seen they definitely do but we call it “learning.” From my perspective they really do need practice.

The Gull certainly does appear to be concentrating on the task of landing; this entire sequence took no more than 5 seconds. At times several Gulls attempt landings on this Pylon at once; it gets competitive.

From my perspective this is one of the sought after shots the next is when contact is made between the claws and the Pylon top.

I give a sigh of relief each time I see a bird successfully navigate and land on the post. It’s impressive to me when the SeaGull lands they strike this pose nearly every time. It may have more to do with balance and landing than anything else but it remains impressive. I don’t know where the SeaGulls have disappeared to, It’s possible they have moved to the new Wild Life preserve wetlands being constructed over the past 3-4 years. I suppose it’s not good form to merely flood the bare ground; honestly I don’t understand why that cannot be the plan. It really doesn’t matter too much for me I most likely will never see it completed.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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