Birds, Wind and an Old Guy.

The wind is up as it normally is beginning in April lasting until the end of August. This may not be the beginning of the long run but it is a preview for sure. Unfortunately I am not able to go out unless I cover my ears from the wind which I will do as a matter of course. Dust, moisture and wind cause infections in my deaf ears, so I do what I have to.

The Flicker commanded my attention so I took advantage of the opportunity by taking this photo. They are a busy bird constantly on the move rarely remaining still for even a few seconds. Birds in North America do not display the same type of vibrant colors as those further South. However they do exhibit distinct patterns as this Flicker.

I’ve been concentrating on capturing pictures of the Cormorants which I find difficult to do. My lack of experience plus the dark feathers of the bird make lighting the deciding factor in a good picture. I’m getting there, although slightly under-exposed the picture above is on the correct path.

Small birds are everywhere, I am really bad at identifying most birds large or small. Flycatchers as this one most likely is are small, the grid pattern of the fence is 4 inch squares. By eyesight this little guy is about one inch tall, often the only way to detect them is when they are moving. They are in the midst of nest construction, a number of birds have materials in their beaks.

I captured this Blue Jay at 1pm, the lighting was good, I was able to position myself in a good spot to take advantage of it. It was on the verge of taking to the wing, I was lucky enough to capture this image. The next one I took the Jay was a blur in the upper left hand corner.

Birds occupy a very large part of our world, as far as I know they are in every corner of the earth. It is impressive to look skyward to see a flock of Pelicans or Geese in formation 1,000 feet or more high.

Nearly every bird I have watched in the wind seems to enjoy playing in it, the Crows have defined activities they partake of. Cormorants will fly sideways with their bodies 45º angled to the wind, flying into it they allow the breeze to carry them straight. Hawks will use it to hover in place presenting the opportunity for old guys like me to capture a few pictures. The one thing they all have in common is when they spread their wings letting the strong wind carry them with it at high speed, Vultures excel in that endeavor.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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