Is reading Blogs on your daily routine? If not it’s worth adding.

The rain moved back in overnight, everything within my sight is green, it is really pretty. Now if it would continue all summer, I’m not asking much, one heavy rain during each month, possibly skip once in a while. A few odd events have taken place, one that is simply impossible to explain. Over the past three days, my neighbor lady has called me to pick up dead birds in her driveway. Not being capable of doing much, taking care of roadkill, and dead animals are two of the jobs I have taken on. If a dead animal is on the road either someone asks me to remove it or if I see it first I take care of it, seeing them repeatedly run over is heart wrenching for me. Her dead birds, however, has taken a creepy turn, the first day there were two Sparrows laying six inches apart side by side. As if that wasn’t odd enough two days later a third bird, this time a woodpecker was laying in the exact same spot oriented in the same exact position. The first two had me perplexed, I inspected the area looking for something that was amiss, a power line maybe? I did not see anything, now I’m beginning to think they may have been set there by a person or an animal of some sort. I have no answer for why or how this may have happened. But that’s not the only oddity, however, this one is easier to make sense of.


I follow just north of 40 blogs they are various types and subjects. I read them all as they arrive in my inbox, it takes me about 2 hours every morning. The realization that not every blogger writes every day is the reason I subscribe to so many, the average is 20 a day. I am a prolific reader, but not all of them are written blogs, some are Poems, Painters, Quotes, and Cartoons. A variety of blogs, however for the past few days something odd has taken place, only a few have shown up in my email. I started to wonder if I was unfriended by all of them on the same day but that seems highly unlikely. I then began to wonder if it has to do with the weather, being the first day of Spring and all. Perhaps bloggers are like the wild animals we all enter the same phases together, when it’s rainy the animals are in their dens maybe writers are the same being more productive during bad weather. When the weather changes and becomes nice out we emerge from our dens and enjoy it.

Several of the blogs are artists I like watercolors and admire the talent they possess, not only their artistic skill but the way they are able to mix colors to achieve the shadows and depth. Driven more than for monetary reward they paint due to a natural drive to satisfy their talents. I read an article years ago about artists during the second world war and the inability of the military to control their natural instincts. They would draw, paint, and sketch with and on anything, they could find, using charcoal from a wood fire or paint for vehicles it did not matter they had to satisfy their artistic drive. The military’s response was to create a division for artist only, they were tasked with building a fake convoy. Using cardboard, wood, and sound equipment they mimicked the sight and sound of the heavy tanks, trucks, and jeeps. The effort was a success, it fooled the German Army many times.

Talented driven people, Artists are a breed of woman painting on wall

Another type of blog I follow are quotes, following two I can only handle so much inspiration in one day. One, in particular, quotes Steven Covey regularly, he is the originator of “The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People.” Several of the companies I was employed with sent us to classes both online and in person. The information covered is insightful and interesting, it has a way of improving my outlook on life.

I don’t know why I follow a blog on Tarot reading, I’m not even sure what it is or if it is relevant in my life. Reading it daily the question going through my mind is “how can this possibly have anything to do with me?” Unless the person writing is actually super duper clairvoyant I don’t know how it can be. I read it just because it satisfies my curiosity and the cards are pretty, I am not a “believer” so to speak but I do have an admiration for the effort it must have taken to learn all of this.

Two Poetry blogs interest me, one is a lady with a great talent to match her verse with photographs, the poems are short but very profound. The second Poetry blog contains much longer compositions, sometimes she quotes others work such as “Why the caged bird sing”, I enjoy them.

An Australian gentleman guides the reader through the different Pubs within a few hours drive of Sydney. He spices his short essays’ with history, using archived photographs next to his own presents a good contrast between old and new. All of the Pubs have something interesting in their 100+ years of existence, most experienced both World Wars. I’ve always been interested in the country down under and the characters he presents in his blog most days make me shake my head and smile, beer in Australia is a little more important to them than even the U.S.

Hoist one to the Queen!summer sunshine alcohol drink

A New Zealand Lady moved to Indiana and established a farm, she has committed the mortal sin of a farmer, she named her livestock. Oh but how interesting that blog is, the Cows, Hogs, and Chickens but it’s the Peacocks (and Peahens) that interest me. The Rancher across from me raised Peacocks, my question is why? In the end the why doesn’t matter, her blog is fun to read and interesting as well.

A young man in England (can I still say “Great Britain”, I’ve not been able to figure that out.) he is a stage actor and appears to work regularly but not exactly steady as a 9-5 worker does. He is a creative writer with a disclaimer at the bottom basically noting that it is a work of Fiction. He is a good writer with imagination and a good outlook on life as he goes about supplementing his acting as a contractor hauling “stuff” in his van. A person with a lot of stuff like myself is able to identify with his trials and tribulations.

Several of the blogs are written as human interest, much as I write, random thoughts and philosophies populate their pages. Homesteaders write a lot of them oddly crafting their words in such a way leaving the article as a question, you know, such as I did this and somehow it worked.

Others are all about their lives, kids, and pets, many women talking about their personal lives and some of the things they are committed to. These blogs are extremely interesting to me because they drip of humanity, in fact, I left a comment on one after she wondered if writing them was effective. My comment stated it is valuable because she shows herself as perfectly human, and she exposes that effectively.

Travel blogs are interesting also although one or two is about all I can manage, typically they have numerous photos taken of their journey. The two I follow are not travel agencies, one is a teacher currently in South-East Asia teaching short classes. As with most educators, his is a bit wordy, but still, he keeps it interesting. The second is a young lady, either an armchair traveler or she covers more ground than humanly possible, I get the feeling she is well traveled.

I enjoy reading as much as I do writing, many times I glean ideas for my blog from those I read. My restrictions are simple, I cannot read about war (Vietnam brings tears to my eyes), Religion (A brother tells me we should talk about it more), Politics (He says the same about this subject), Abortion and Gun rights. I have definite opinions on all of them, but I read for pleasure and I have no interest in giving any of those subjects free rent in my brain.


Word count means little to me, my blogs are normally 800-2000 words, I never keep track of the count and don’t allow it to control my essay. There is one obvious symptom of a blog that is written with word count on the creators’ mind, that is when the article begins to die but just keeps going. The telltale is repetition and meandering sentences, it is almost possible to hear the search for ideas and words. Losing the beat of the subject is sometimes painful to read as well as admitting the blog to the ICU.

I enjoy reading the way the blogs are written, the style of the author, grammar, doesn’t matter much to me, it’s the ideas and flow that is captivating. I read a blog one time (note once) an obviously “professional” writer was critical of bloggers, saying they are not professionals. Stating that “they” think they are pros when they are not, I don’t know of many of our ilk presenting ourselves as such. Personally, I don’t care about professionalism, I care about content and how it makes me feel, everyone has something to say and I want to hear it. From what I gather most of us are like the artists, money is nice but we are not driven by it, there is something wrong with those who are in my opinion.

Blogs are great, and blogging is fun whether it is Vlogging (video, which I cannot hear) Mlog (Music, ditto on that, but I am a deaf musician I still can’t figure that one out), and Plogs (Photography, which is an art to itself).

Keep writing, vlogging, mlogging, and plogging, if you don’t, start, and if you are a blogger read more blogs, there are many good ones available, as well as many bad ones, they are worth giving a look. Thanks for reading and sharing this one, tell me about your blog, leave your URL and I will take a look at it, and possibly follow it, Thanks again.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

2 thoughts on “Is reading Blogs on your daily routine? If not it’s worth adding.

  1. I’m trying to read more. I had 70 blogs I followed but wasn’t getting notified of new content. I sifted through looking at each and deciding if I still had interest. I did eliminate a few and noted also that some hadn’t posted for more than a year. Did they quit? No final blog post saying, “I’m done.” And then I set up most to notify me of new postings. Perhaps that will help me a bit. Blogs are great. Everyone has something to say and this is a place to say it for audiences. People will read it or they won’t. But at least you put it out there.


    1. Thanks, I have to admit I have time to read a lot as I’m good for only 2hrs of physical activity a day, the rest is reading, writing, and ‘rithmatic. Thanks for the comment.


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