Birds and Wildfire.

I suppose there is a silver lining if it can be called that, Arsonist are being arrested on a regular basis. It's obvious to most people I've talked to, I'm assuming it's a common thought most of the fires are started either intentionally or accidentally by humans. Now we're waiting for the Government agencies that have been fighting these things for over one hundred years to solve the problem. Anyone see a problem with that?

Today’s Picture Session.

Terns are sharing the slough with the Seagulls, I'm not sure if it's an overlap or some are here to stay. Terns are fast diving birds, the goal when photographing them is to capture images of them hitting the water as they go for fish. Often they make it a bit easy as they will dive into the same spot many times offering the opportunity to set the camera up in the best spot.

Reflecting on Calm Water.

July through the middle of September begins the renewal of the plants; they die back and look dead. It's a bit dreary, the closest comparison in my opinion is the months of January and February in the North. Regrow they will all along the river from the confluence of the San Joaquin and American to about the 2,000 foot elevation of the far off Sierra Foothills

Was That Rain?

The bird hunts for 5 years then his human partner releases him into the wild. It makes me wonder if the Cormorant fishermen do something of the same order. Another research project, I'll start right after I finish reading the pile of books I received for my birthday. I am able to read a book and listen to an Audio book at the same time, it's easy, however I am unable to remember either one of them when I'm finished.