Was That Rain?

The bird hunts for 5 years then his human partner releases him into the wild. It makes me wonder if the Cormorant fishermen do something of the same order. Another research project, I'll start right after I finish reading the pile of books I received for my birthday. I am able to read a book and listen to an Audio book at the same time, it's easy, however I am unable to remember either one of them when I'm finished.

Slow Start

A few Canadians remain around here which makes me wonder if the wildfires and the heat wave up North have something to do with it. The largest wildfire in California is on the Eastern slope of the Sierra's near the Nevada border. One thousands acres are on fire as I write this, unfortunately for those Eastward the smoke is being shared with the rest of the country. It's the middle of July and we're already up to our eyebrows in Alligators; it won't get better any time soon.

No Show; Lightning & Fireworks

This is the closest my Cat has ever come to me, here kitty kitty, no luck. It's the same with the lightning and fireworks, I had it all planned but again the ways of the world were not in a mood to co-operate with my goals. Of course I'm going to do it again tonight, me and Skunk-puppy out in the middle of the night pretending to be doing something constructive. Yeh, we'll see about that, I'm not making any plans other than being set-up for the big event.