The weather guessers are predicting the wind will shift again from the Ocean. It will then blow the nasty air Eastward where people in the mid North are smelling wood smoke in the rain. All smoke settles on the ground sooner or later, rain helps it along hence the smell. The firefighters along with the emergency response teams are doing an amazing job, they just keep on keeping on.

Wildfire, Smoke and The Wind.

In other words it's a report on how much smoke is in the air, advising people with health limitations to wear a mask and remain indoors. It sounds a lot like the Covid directives, not to be let down we are quarantined again for who knows how long. Tomorrow the air is suppose to be clear, however Thursday is predicted to be a nasty gram smoke day

Seagulls the only game in town; except the Wildfires.

However an Arsonist has been arrested, a college professor that has started donzens of them. It doesn't surprise me most fires are Arson started, it's kind of a best known secret the Insurance Companies keep close to their vest. The report says the maximum sentence is 5 years and a fine, whoopee do

Today’s Picture Session.

Terns are sharing the slough with the Seagulls, I'm not sure if it's an overlap or some are here to stay. Terns are fast diving birds, the goal when photographing them is to capture images of them hitting the water as they go for fish. Often they make it a bit easy as they will dive into the same spot many times offering the opportunity to set the camera up in the best spot.

Was That Rain?

The bird hunts for 5 years then his human partner releases him into the wild. It makes me wonder if the Cormorant fishermen do something of the same order. Another research project, I'll start right after I finish reading the pile of books I received for my birthday. I am able to read a book and listen to an Audio book at the same time, it's easy, however I am unable to remember either one of them when I'm finished.