Herons, Egrets and a Western Reef Heron; along with Good Weather.

It's a bit difficult to focus on any subject other than politics lately, alas the birds have saved the day, indeed the week. The young Blue Heron swooped toward the Egret on the far side of the slough, it was surprising to say the least. It's hard telling why it happened, I certainly am at a lose for words; the only reason may be due to the Herons young age. He is a beautiful bird however, one that will only gain in stature as it inherits a part of the river.

Instead of Cleaning the Ditch We’re Gonna fill it In; County have Mercy Amen.

I am ready to start, we are now at the mercy of a dump truck driver, these are the people it is important to make a good first impression to, otherwise I may end up with no dirt, it's a wicked web we weave. The main goal is to be completely set up to plant the garden in it's new arraignment in April of next year.

Cutting Glass on the Slough

After all how could a Snow White Egret be a threat to anything when in actuality they are a danger to all small living things. The bands of small birds constantly chasing them tells the true story of their threat. This Heron sat on the Pylon for a long while. Skunkpuppy did not see it if she had the perch would be empty, we don't tolerate anything simply minding their own business.

Arrested for Eating a Sandwich on the Train Platform? This is Nuts.

I did not find any relief after hearing the BART supervisor's non-apology; but hey we only ride the things they don't. As she said and I understand "It's very demoralizing for a Supervisor to have to come out and apologize," I understand that it is especially hard when that spokesperson is Bay Area Elite, and it's presented with a look on her face dominated by body language. It must be rough when an elected official has to own up to an injustice perpetrated on one of us.