Seagulls the only game in town; except the Wildfires.

However an Arsonist has been arrested, a college professor that has started donzens of them. It doesn't surprise me most fires are Arson started, it's kind of a best known secret the Insurance Companies keep close to their vest. The report says the maximum sentence is 5 years and a fine, whoopee do

Slow Start

A few Canadians remain around here which makes me wonder if the wildfires and the heat wave up North have something to do with it. The largest wildfire in California is on the Eastern slope of the Sierra's near the Nevada border. One thousands acres are on fire as I write this, unfortunately for those Eastward the smoke is being shared with the rest of the country. It's the middle of July and we're already up to our eyebrows in Alligators; it won't get better any time soon.

Fireworks, Lightning and Wildfires.

Our Island is inside the Southern border of the high fire risk area, I don't question it we're just ready. Some of the fires will be driven down wind at enormous speeds, the Paradise fire of a few years ago traveled at 60mph. It would take less than 15 minutes to burn our entire Island to the ground. I'm not sure if everyone could make it off on our one bridge.

If Everyone’s Hat has a Chinstrap, it’s Gonna be Windy.

It's surprising we haven't lost all of our utilities, normally during these events trees topple, boats get loose and unfortunately a few serious damages occur. At some point the wind may reach 80mph although it's not in the forecast I feel we need to expect it. 80mph is the lowest speed of a Category 1 Hurricane, it can blow a weak building apart and it has.