Starts and stops.

My other projects remain on the back burner until the wind dies down; it generally blows until September. Work on the house due to the fire continues, the contractor stopped by today to explain the plan. The gist of it is if the wind doesn't stop they won't be able to install the new siding until it does; September or October. The entire world could be different by then, I know for certain the color decided on painting it will change many times between now and then.

A Different Side.

I'm in the house until the smoke clears, again, on the few occasions I venture out a 3-M respirator is my choice of smoke protection. The paper masks are fine for the C-19 but smoke is a different concern, the PM-10 is a killer. Smoke allergies are more common than we realize and cause serious illness or on occasion death;

Raising Earthworms Makes Sense For Gardeners.

A few precautions should not deter anyone's interest in the ecologically positive activity, my opinion is everyone should have at least one Colony. With a minimum of protection Vermiculture is safe, each of us develops during the learning curve the level we need to remain safe. Starting small assisted with research a size-able Colony can be realized within the first year.