Some fly close to the water surface at the same speed they fly far overhead, they only have two speeds stopped and fast. When they fly near the surface it's usually because they are executing a short flight of a few hundred yards. Generally when they are high overhead they are heading far down the river disappearing around one of the nearby bends. They remind me of Taxi Cabs on a busy downtown street continuously in motion without a concern in the world.

Fire Starters; No Not Arsonists.

Place a dollop of the hot mixture in each egg cup, filling to the top is not needed. They will burn between 10-15 minutes, long enough to start either a BBQ or a wood burning stove. The advantage is not using starting fluid in the grill or a mountain of paper in the wood burning stove. They will start with a match or my preferred method is a propane torch or the endless match with a trigger. If you are in need of a safe and easy means to start a fire this may just fill the bill, give it a go.