Wildfire, Smoke and The Wind.

In other words it's a report on how much smoke is in the air, advising people with health limitations to wear a mask and remain indoors. It sounds a lot like the Covid directives, not to be let down we are quarantined again for who knows how long. Tomorrow the air is suppose to be clear, however Thursday is predicted to be a nasty gram smoke day

Birds and Wildfire.

I suppose there is a silver lining if it can be called that, Arsonist are being arrested on a regular basis. It's obvious to most people I've talked to, I'm assuming it's a common thought most of the fires are started either intentionally or accidentally by humans. Now we're waiting for the Government agencies that have been fighting these things for over one hundred years to solve the problem. Anyone see a problem with that?

Disaster on the Slough.

The storm is still churning out there, the wind is howling accompanied with rain, hard at times. We lose power frequently, we are at the end of the utility service and the furthest East in our County. I don't mind the outages or the lack of heat nor will I complain about the minor inconvenience I am faced with when I know it can get a lot worse very rapidly; as it has for many people here last night