Fire Starters; No Not Arsonists.

Place a dollop of the hot mixture in each egg cup, filling to the top is not needed. They will burn between 10-15 minutes, long enough to start either a BBQ or a wood burning stove. The advantage is not using starting fluid in the grill or a mountain of paper in the wood burning stove. They will start with a match or my preferred method is a propane torch or the endless match with a trigger. If you are in need of a safe and easy means to start a fire this may just fill the bill, give it a go.

Starts and stops.

My other projects remain on the back burner until the wind dies down; it generally blows until September. Work on the house due to the fire continues, the contractor stopped by today to explain the plan. The gist of it is if the wind doesn't stop they won't be able to install the new siding until it does; September or October. The entire world could be different by then, I know for certain the color decided on painting it will change many times between now and then.

Quiet time.

When talking about a group of birds it is often best for me to post an image of a flock. I don't do it often, only when a picture of a single subject doesn't make sense. The landscape of the Cattle and Geese tells a complete story, when it is looked upon at times the smells and dust are felt. It was a nice windy day on the slough, with enough activity to keep it interesting.