The weather guessers are predicting the wind will shift again from the Ocean. It will then blow the nasty air Eastward where people in the mid North are smelling wood smoke in the rain. All smoke settles on the ground sooner or later, rain helps it along hence the smell. The firefighters along with the emergency response teams are doing an amazing job, they just keep on keeping on.

Slow Start

A few Canadians remain around here which makes me wonder if the wildfires and the heat wave up North have something to do with it. The largest wildfire in California is on the Eastern slope of the Sierra's near the Nevada border. One thousands acres are on fire as I write this, unfortunately for those Eastward the smoke is being shared with the rest of the country. It's the middle of July and we're already up to our eyebrows in Alligators; it won't get better any time soon.