Always call a Swan a Swan; Don’t refer to a Swan as a Crane. (note to myself)

I don't mind except for the unsolicited attention which I honestly do not like, I am more of a reserved person. I hesitated for over a month to decide whether to post my photos on that insufferable site. My initial plan was to post two pictures on the first of each month making sure they are current to the month they are posted.

In House.

I take numerous shots that resemble many others. I was walking through a small booth area where they were selling posters and related items. I stopped at a photo booth, I knew the guy behind it, and on the wall he had a beautiful photo of an Egret standing at attention. I said to him (jokingly, I swear it's the truth) hey you have one of my pictures; he did not appreciate that comment.

The Sky was Changed.

I didn't give it enough thought because if that were to take place with my admittance of cheating it would destroy my credibility with the people in our small town. It would have been smarter for me to cop for it while it was being posted with a header something like, "what do you think of this?" I'm not sure what I'm going to do now, If I let it slide it's not right and if I say something? I'm not sure if anyone cares other than me.