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It doesn’t seem like I have written that many blogs. This blog has made two major changes over the years; the first one was attached to my website selling survival food kits along with 48 million other sites. I found out the United States is the only country buying that stuff; after 3 years of poor success I tossed in the towel. I then changed blogging site providers and went to WordPress where it is now and it became a photo blog. That is a long story how that happened; it went through several changes as well.

While going through my archives I decided to write this one on the Green Herons (it mostly is). They are a challenge to photograph with the reward being a good image which are tough to get. That’s the reason I take a lot of pictures of all the critters. My keeper ratio is much better after a lot of practice, but that’s a trap. It’s a trap because it has a tendency to give me false confidence. I have to repeat to myself they must get better; and they do.

The night Heron in this photo is a close relative to the Green Heron and the Bittern. The Night Herons have taken to the slough and appear to have made a nesting area on the far side in the first bend of the river. They are larger than the Green Herons and 1/2 the size of another cousin the Great Blue Heron. The Night Herons are fast fliers, about the same speed as the Greens. I hadn’t seen many Night Herons until last year when two appeared but were shy. I was able to take one photo of them. This year is a totally different story there are now six on the slough. I suspect two of them are offspring from last year.

When the Green Herons perch they pose for the camera; not really but it seems like they do. They are a bit human shy perhaps due to their size being 1/2 that of the Night Heron. It makes me curious if the large Great Blue Heron prey on them; they hunt everything else. I suspect because the Blues take advantage of an opportunity they most likely do. Which explains why they are a bit skittish, not like the small Sparrows just slower.

I make it a goal during every session to take as many bird in flight photos I am able to. I really like the image in this photo, when I took it I was concerned the dock with all of it’s business going on it may have been a reject. However after editing then reviewing it extensively in my opinion the photo seems to work. An example that the rules of photography are flexible.

Another flight shot caught in an interesting light at mid morning. Shots as this are a bit difficult to edit due to the reflective light from the Sun. That is my favorite lighting sometimes when it’s not impossible to do something with. This image works well, it’s not going to win a cigar at the fair but it’s a good picture.

The wildfires; mostly in our vicinity are out, the stinky marsh fire is completely extinguished after being flooded with millions of gallons of water.

The Yosemite fire has started a new life, yesterday morning it was nearly contained then the wind changed and sent it ripping towards populated areas now thousands of people are displaced. It’s out of control again. I’m concerned if we don’t get rain this next winter it will be devastating not only to the wild areas but the Central Valley farmers as well. There is big talk in the Imperial Valley (the desert) of piping Mississippi water to California. I was raised near the confluence of the Mississippi and the Minnesota Rivers I will say there is no way anyone on the Mississippi will go for that; no way.

Jacque Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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