Abstract Photos with my Explanation of Why.

I like the larger font, I am ready to change the black background however; I’m not a person that likes black all that much.

The Marsh fire should be out by tonight from what I hear in the Coconut Telegraph which is more accurate than the local San Francisco News Stations. There is a reason for that, I live in the most remote area of the San Francisco Bay area; we’re buried in the news from the larger Cities. At times I am tempted to write them a note “Hey we’re still here!”

I’m going into the archives again for photos as the critters can most likely still smell smoke which keeps them away.

The photo of the Heron was taken on an early foggy morning. The background is fairly accurate I remember darkening it just a taste to block a distracting shadow that escapes me what it was. I make few strong edits with this being just about as far as I will go, unless it’s an experiment that I don’t intend to post. In that event I will cop to it, I’m not a magician I have no tricks.

Like what I’ve done to this one taking advantage of a brightly lit subject and blackening the background. Aren’t I the one that stated in the beginning I don’t like black too much? It’s much too quick to crawdad on that one. But once in a while it’s fun to post on our local Facebook page to read the comments mostly in the vein of “how did you do that?” I will then tell them what I did; actually there are many ways to accomplish this I just use the easiest.

Some like this Night Heron turn out really good but I liken this style to the old Elvis paintings on black felt. There is nothing wrong with those images of him in fact I like them; but we all know upfront they have been artfully (OK, maybe they are art) created. Where as the Heron must be explained up front that it was massively manipulated with no excuses. One man wrote a comment “it’s that dark at noon where you live?” Of course it isn’t so I explained how I did it. The picture was taken at noon in the bright light and I darkened the backdrop; I thought it would be artistic but I’m not real sure what it is now.

The photo above is an example of one that did not work is the Night Heron photo. I don’t believe there is anything I could do to make this an attractive picture; I meant to delete it but it’s still in my gallery on Word Press so I’m using it. There is nothing wrong with the photo in fact the original is really good; it’s this abstract that is at least confusing. When a viewer looks at a photo then sends a comment “what am I looking at?” That picture is in trouble.

I submitted this photo of Geese in a national wild life contest. Most photographers don’t really expect to run away with first place (I’m one of those) we merely want to do well. That is a matter of perspective of the photographer as my initial goal is to make the first cut enabling the judges to take a deeper look; my main goal is to place in the upper 50%. It doesn’t sound like much but when the competition is made up of 20,000 or more entries and 25% are professional photographers it is a major feat. However where ever it lands in the ranks I will be happy with it if only because they don’t accept every entry and I’ve never had one rejected, that in itself is a major accomplishment. I’d like to make photographer of the day at some point; that is very much possible as I’ve been invited to submit photos to some of those contest as well.


The Marsh (Peat) fire should be nearly out after flooding it with millions of gallons of water. It has a lot of penetration to reach the fire 6 feet below the surface. It’s buried under mud, rotting vegetation and growing Tules. I bet it will grow like crazy with all of the burnt peat adding nutrients to it along with the water after it’s put out. It was one of the smokiest smelling fire I have been close to; it smells like a burning clutch, burning tires and a rotting smell all rolled into one. The sky is much clearer but there is enough smoke to keep me indoors and the Buzzards at bay for at least one more day.


The fire in Yosemite has taken on a new life overnight; last night it was 58% contained today they are battling a new one. The report didn’t say how it caught fire but apparently it skipped to an occupied area, now numerous houses and businesses are being threatened. I recall what small mountain community is being evacuated but it’s one I’ve been through; I want to say it’s Raymond but I don’t recall.

I realize many areas of the country are facing bigger threats than we are here. I’m thinking Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana, with terribly high humidity, excessive heat and to most likely be followed in a month or so by Hurricanes and Tornados. The Texans I worked with in the California Desert would say when the temperature hit 115-120º F, “at least it’s a dry heat.” To which someone would reply “yeh, so is an oven.” They were great guys to work with, they are tough people and happy I hope they are all doing well. I worked with the Native Americans from the four corners as well, they are quiet, hard workers.

Jacque Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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