First Photo with the New Lens; Wild Fire Comments.

I increased the size of the font I’m using on WordPress, I have a hard time reading the subscript that is used on most of the websites now; I imagine other people may as well.

Wildfires; the nearest fire to me is the Marsh Fire burning since May 28, 2022 near the river 10 or so miles from me. It’s burning Peat, the report is it’s about to run out of fuel. Really? I don’t know how they (the fire fighter people) figured that out; maybe info from the owners. The flood gates were opened Sunday to run over 2 million gallons onto it; the only way to extinguish a peat moss fire. The word is it may be out by the end of the day tomorrow; the smoke is terribly toxic.

The Yosemite fire is 58% contained with all buildings and Sequoia Trees no longer under threat. In the olden days when I was young I backpacked through all of that country. It was so rugged and full of dried underbrush then it wasn’t hard to imagine it on fire. In fact I hiked through many burned out forest after the fire was out a year later.

I took delivery of my new lens, I bought a used one from a reputable dealer; I was concerned I made a bad choice. I bought a used lens two years ago which I had to return due to it being broken. It was the same model lens I ended up buying back then because I was convinced it was the way to go. I ended up buying a new one that lasted just 2 years; it’s the one I replaced.

I should have bit the bullet and bought this Canon lens back then. The photo above is one of the first 10 images I took with it. I couldn’t have made a better choice. I thought I bought the $2300.00 model but the photo outfit replaced it with the $3,000.00 model; I paid 1/2 of that for it. As far as I can tell it had either never been used or it was used very little. It is like brand new.

I took photos of what ever presented an opportunity to me. The sharpness, focusing and the way it works with my cameras is a world different than my old after market purchase.

I take a lot of photos of Turkey Vultures but none have been as easy to take like the new combination of the new lens and proper Cameras. The detail in the above photo is only going to get better the longer I use it.

The flag photo is out of Camera raw; unedited. Normally I would crop the bottom to the roof line and enhance the colors of this image.

I took this photo in low light, it’s a sunset but as usual I took it with the Sun to my back. It’s a reflection on a snow white cloud the lens brought the colors out nicely. There is a lot that could be edited in this shot but due to it barely being worth taking it is no way worth the time to edit.

I will be going out for an hour in a few minutes with the hope of being presented a good opportunity. Now that the smoke is partially cleared with the air breathable I can go outside. I want to catch that Golden Sunset; it is at it’s peak for no more than 15 minutes. I do catch it quite often at dusk but the early morning Golden Hour last for just about an hour which makes it more likely to capture a few pictures.

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