Hummingbirds; Tough Little Guys.

I go through my photo archives at least once a week searching for blog topics. I scroll through the photography websites I am a member of as well as some free sites. It is inspirational it always gives me an idea and rarely the ones I began the search for. An example is I have on my home page on my computer pictures of Hawks that I set up for a blog. They have been there for 2 weeks; I have decided to keep them on the page but not when I will post them.

I have a number of Hummingbirds in the archives which I have done nothing with. I have to be honest in that I don’t enjoy them, I take pictures of them because of the challenge they present. One other reason is in every contest and photo website are many images of them. The issue with me is most of them are around feeders; I prefer a natural setting. I have been concentrating on taking photos of them in flight as natural as possible. For me it is a tough assignment; for a tough bird.

In my yard are two Milk Weeds, I support them for my feeble attempt to attract Monarch Butterflies. That has not resulted in any deciding my weeds are the best place to lay their eggs. However they attract Honey Bees and the Humming Birds. We also have a huge Rose Mary bush on our Levee; it too attracts Humming Birds, Honey Bees and Small fly catchers.

It is a beautiful Rose Mary 4 feet wide and about 6 feet tall; I tell people walking by they are free to clip a bag full. We don’t spray, fertilize or use very much Rosemary, but it sure smells nice; I rub my hands with it, I like the smell. I have many photos of both Bees and Birds of all sorts taking advantage of the plant. It’s a great prop for attracting all of these interesting creatures.

Hummingbirds are such that if photos are not taken in complimentary lighting identifying them can be impossible. This image was one of those, during editing I worked a while to make it look like a Hummingbird to post in this blog. It’s not a good clear photo. Head long pictures of them are hard to take at the proper angles. The lighting is good in this picture but the composition is not; I will delete it.

The focus, lighting and composition is good in this image but the blue background is ho-hum. It works because I successfully made the Hummingbird the center of focus. It’s possible to employ Photoshop to replace the sky but that for me is unethical and not a real part of the image. Blue is the color of the California Sky during the Summer, it’s not a bad color however it is viewed as the least desirable background for photographs. I don’t know how it affects contest entries; most of my backgrounds are blue, it cannot be avoided.

Five photos is my limit for posting, my primary amount is three; never an even number. I prefer three not for any reason other than to scroll through more is tedious; people will tolerate five and once in a blue moon seven. From my perspective if I post seven they had better be either extremely interesting and/or telling a story which is the goal of a photo blog anyway but difficult to accoplish.

All of these pictures were taken with my new camera, I have discovered the best focus mode to use and have set it up with the help of tutorials. I will study this camera until I know it inside out as I do my other one; it’s going well.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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