Sitting On Levee

Sitting On Levee

I sit on the Levee three times a day for undetermined lengths of time. My intent is to water the dog and plan my blog. I then return to the house, set up and begin to write it. Unless if I get sick, last night I had another verigo event. They pretty much lay me flat for at least two days. The event last night lasted 1/2 an hour, if you’ve never driven a wheelchair in a spinning double vision world it would be a heck of an experience. It’s hard, I made it indoors, went right to my recliner, took a verigo pill and placed my hot pad on my eyes; that’s another story may be worth a blog at some time. I did not write my blog due to the vertigo event, I’m still a bit dazed; and I had another small one tonight.

I took pictures before the event, some pretty good ones actually; I am happy to have taken a decent photo of the Mallard brood which appears to be ready for flight lessons. This is the oldest of the two spring hatch on our slough, I counted 8 this time and I wonder why the number has increased from 6. I tells me there may have been two families of the same age. They are drab in color I don’t believe they are all females so we’ll have to wait a few more weeks for color to begin showing.

I’ve been featuring the Night Herons lately due to their take over of the slough; or so it seems. They are numerous this year, for the last 5 years or so there was one pair. Apparently they had a successful brood and they have returned here. One thing is for sure they have help me improve my bird in flight images. When coupled with my new camera it’s astonishing how many are keepers.

Green Herons are much the same way as the Night Herons, they are numerous in the slough. However there are times I question that for one reason they are so fast six pair would make me feel surrounded. I estimate there are 4-6, that’s a wild non-scientific guess-a-met. The best times to take a photo of them is early morning and late afternoon due to the lights being soft, sometimes Golden hour and the wind dies down.

Green Herons have several bright colors of plumage the early morning and dusk Sun reveals it at the correct angle. They are tough to photograph while flying speed and their knack for appearing from no-where the surprises are many. The Heron in the picture is twice the size of another on the slough, I believe the smaller one has a small mate as well. I take a lot of photos of them.

A Green Heron flying overhead earlier today, If they become as popular as the Redwing Blackbirds we will be swamped with them. Truthfully our slough most likely is not able to support many more water birds than are here. But you know as I do that Nature is nothing if not for surprises.

I don’t want to drag this blog out so here I go. The Hawk pictured is one of several Red Tails. I get images of them regularily days in a row. There is however another Hawk, an Osprey who has been playing tough to take a picture of. It comes out three times a day morning noon and night. He takes the same route every time including the flock of small birds chasing it. I miss the opportunities he offers me for excellent pictures, for the past six months I have been sitting on the Levee ready for him but unprepared and I miss him again. This morning I missed because Mrs. Lebec (no I’m not blaming her so much) came out with a plated of toast and coffee just as the Hawk flew past over the far Levee; I don’t believe the Great Spirit’s help is needed on this one.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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