Focusing Again or Still?

The new Camera arrived Friday right on schedule, impressive because I ordered it from AbesofMaine. San Francisco and anywhere in Maine is just about as far from one another without leaving the country.

There is not a lot of difference in size or appearance of the camera but it is slightly heavier. I am on another learning curve but this one is not real steep; it’s a complicated camera. It’s complicated but I have a way to deal with it; I go slowly. It’s focus I’m taking on first due to it’s complexity as well as my inexperience using this system.

There are 7 different patterns with various amounts of focus points from the lowest 1 up to the highest of 42. Most photographers will say the least amount of points the better. They are correct but in order to understand the camera I must understand every thing about it.

When I complete my comparison between the seven I will post some. The image above was taken in the 9 point mode; I forget the name of it. It’s the new camera and it may be the first photos from it as well. The focus grid is displayed through the view finder convering 3/4 of the view hunting for focus.

Sometimes it misses then focuses on something else forcing the subject to become blurred.

I will have the focusing understood by the end of this week, I’m of the mind the more practical experience I get the quicker I will be proficient in it’s use. As with most things in this world “practice, practice, practice.”

Jacque Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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