Flag Day June 14, 2022; Comparing my 20 year old Camera to a new one.

The wind returned today at full force after a slight reprieve yesterday; it was gusting to 10 mph, today it’s a steady 15 mph. The animals are beginning to emerge in larger numbers, I saw several Hawks today.

There are 30 wildfires burning in the Western States, it’s only June and the fires are early. Several arsonist have been arrested this year, I know there was more than one sentenced from last year. The person I’m thinking of started 12 fires; after his trial the sentence was severe at around 25 years, in my book not long enough. I am of the mind capital punishment is not harsh enough for him; I’ve had it with arson leaving me with no patience for it.

The Quail in the image above was taken with Mrs. Lebec’s 22 year old camera.

This photo was taken with my 3 year old T8i. I have always admired the pictures that the 22 year old camera produced; by comparison there isn’t much difference.

This fledgeling Mallard was taken with the old camera

This taken with the 3 yr. old camera. The editing is different due to one being in the open Sun and the other more protected. However again I am impressed with the pictures from the old camera. 22 years is a long time when technology is concerned and when software, wi-fi and all of the other advances are integrated into a camera the change is huge. Even though the old camera is restricted to a single photo for every time the shutter is depressed the image is good. The new cameras have “burst mode”, the shutter will keep taking pictures as long as the shutter button is depressed. The old camera 1 photo, the new cameras in burst mode 7 frames per second. Some Sony Cameras are capable of up to 45 frames per second.

The Crow above was taken with the old camera, these are tough shots and I am impressed by the quality. I’m more impressed I was able to take this good photo with one shot, it had a good chance of being a black blob but the camera performed well.

This may not be a fair comparison but still the old camera is impressive where as this one shot with my t8i is a bit worn and faded. I had the settings set differently because the cameras do not share the same settings, especially when it comes to focus. I’m happy with the comparison it has showed me technology when it comes to Cameras at least has come a long way and it hasn’t. The Camera manufacturers began major changes with the digital DSLR’s during the 1990’s and never looked back.

This was taken with the old Canon, to capture a flying bird with this detail is very tough let alone with a single press of the shutter.

This one was taken with my t8i, equally good but I most likely took 5-7 shots of this where the previous was one.

It was a good comparison to do while waiting for my Cameras to return, one is coming Friday (I bought another new one) which I will have a slight learning curve on. I will watch numerous YouTube tutorials then run my normal experiments on it’s abilities.

My t8i is at the Canon repair facility in Costa Mesa California, I insured it. I am supposed to be notified when it arrives supposedly today but I have not been notified yet. I don’t want to lose that Camera in the mail. I suspect I won’t but things happen.

And today is Flag Day, for several years I did not fly the Flag. I am a 115% disabled service connected Vietnam Vet. I fought the Veterans Administration for 15 Years, the day I won my case (who says only fools defend themselves?) I put up the Flag and haven’t stopped flying it. I am and always will stand by my oath to Keep our country free from enemies foreign and domestic. I take that oath extremely seriously, I am a real patriot.

Jacque Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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