Little Birds Un-named.

I’ve been meaning to write a blog featuring the small birds I have photographed. One issue I have with them is I cannot identify them without spending hours looking through my bird books. There are times I attach my own names to them, I almost always get corrected so I stopped doing that a long time ago. No one appreciates my humor of calling Ibises (?) snorkle nosed Geese. I suppose in order for a joke to work the listener and teller should really be in the same room.

I took a few pictures of Robins, these are birds when photographed on the ground don’t really lose much. The brillant Orange/Red breast sets them apart from most other birds in the yard. There are plenty of them being nearly as numerous as the Blue Jays; and nearly as aggressive as well).

Then there are action shots which are extremely difficult to capture, two makes it several times harder. The challenge when taking a picture of two birds in flight is getting them both in focus or like this one blurring the more distant critter but leaving enough to enable the viewer to still know what it is.

The tiny perching. birds are a bit easier to take a picture of only if they are caught at the beginning of their rest. It pays to spend some time sitting and observing the surrounding area without taking a picture. I did that for a while today, mostly because I don’t have a camera right now; my new one will be delivered this Friday. Yes I am excited to have finally sprung for a professional level camera. Truth is whichever camera I took these photos with would be difficutl to tell the difference between the two cameras, the main difference is the new one is water resistant; that cannot be seen.

Same bird different pose, I like the contrast between the grey and blue sky. I think the branches diagonally sets these two images apart from the crowd.

There is another diagonal as a perch in this photo as well. When I have an opportunity like these my attention is directed towards the art and being certain the branch starts in the lower corner on either side. That is as long as it is pleasing to the eye of the viewer. If it isn’t the image is passed by as fast as the blink of an eye. It’s the light that makes this photo work, during editing I kept thinking I should make it lighter. But the problem with that is the golden light may have been lost.

Beyond that I still don’t know what species they are, oh well that’s the way it goes some of the time

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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