Red Tails and Bright Eyes

It’s been a good week although a bit mixed up, I’m feeling good so of course I’m overdoing everything. My mobility scooter is still waiting to be fixed, it was scheduled for tomorrow but that is not going to happen. The repair guys will no dought call to tell me what the issues are: I know what it is parts are not made for it any longer. Hopefully I recieve a call telling me the VA decided I need a new one, I have mixed feelings about that.

My Camera is on route to Costa Mesa California’s Canon repair facility, I’m concerned it’s not a permanent repair; I’ve been through this before. So after talking to Mrs. Lebec we came to the conclusion I should purchase another Camera (yikes). I did, it will arrive around the same time my other camera’s repair is complete. It’s a bit hard to believe for a non-photographer but I really needed a second camera. I will use one with my 400mm lens (hand held) and the other on my Gimbal with the 600mm lens. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time and decided to push the button yesterday, a bit of agreement with Mrs. Lebec is always golden.

While going through my archives I decided it’s time to write a blog on Hawks. I’ve written at least one a few years past, these are all new photos I have a lot of them. They are interesting birds to say the least, they are definitely creatures of habit. Around 11:30 am all of the small birds disappear; they clear the sky. That indicates a Hawk is in the air along with the Turkey Vultures. Hawks will join the Vultures for a few go-rounds but soon lose interest and jet off with the wind to their backs; along with dozens of small birds pecking at them. Occasionally they make their escape flying into the wind close to the ground; but the only way is to land and hide under a rock.

One crashed into my waterside deck two years ago, I heard the bang and saw it dazed. I picked it up and set it on the wood handrail where he teetered for a few minutes shook it off and flew to a gate. He didn’t peck me or struggle his was a docile strategy. Perhaps they sense when we are helping them, if he was injured I would have taken him to the Lindsey Wildlife museum where they rescue critters. But I’m happy he was (and is) still occupying space and time with us.

Once in a while “Belly Shots” work as I feel this one does. It won’t win a cigar at the fair but it definetly has a human interest to it. I suspect it may have to do with the Hawk making eye contact with the camera. I don’t believe this is a common scroll by photo because it tells a story. The cloudy background helps define it, against a solid blue it would lose the contrast to the point the Hawk may not have been so detailed.

I have numerous photos of Hawks with that look in their eye, my ego says they really are looking at me. However I don’t think so, a glance or short study most likely then after figuring out this non-mobile old man is not a threat to him. But the comparison between this photo and the previous one is what I would like to point out. They have one trait shared with all birds, smiling is not one of their skills; without that we cannot identify with anything they may or not be thinking.

These images were taken January 2022 over several days between stormy looking clouds. I am once again beginning another phase developing my portfolio. I have worked on it previously filling it up with pictures, this time I’m using ten arraigned in printing form. I’m not sure what format I will be using but I have found in a portfolio too many photos is not the correct direction to take. Will I sell prints? I’m not sure yet, it depends if one of the daughters will take it by the horns and add it to her company goals. It could be quite lucrative for her and me. What’s stopping me is I really don’t need the income and I don’t want to sell stuff on line; it’s a major pain in the neck.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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