Summer has Arrived.

The first two weeks of June have flown by, I’d like to say it’s because I’m so busy I don’t have time to stop and smell the Roses. That’s actually what I do all day long, poke along taking pictures and looking around. Well now my camera has been sent in for repair, it’s an electronic card malfunction; I’d get into it a bit more if I had a clue what I am about to talk about. It will take 10 business days for it to arrive in Costa Mesa Calif. and be evaluated. I will be notified to pay if need be then the repairs will be completed in a week. OK fine.

The Hawks are coming out, the photo above is a Chicken Hawk (Coopers) I took this one last week and I cropped it quite a bit due to the small size of him. The picture is deceiving because it hides his true size which is very small nearly tiny. I give him credit he bounces along the Levee top several times a week while being chased by the Red-Winged Blackbirds on that side. The Hawk is fun to watch, he’s so seriously fast twice so with its back to the wind. Many times I have watched as he flew against the wind and close to hovering when He tires of it turns his back and he is gone in a flash.

I took this image of a fledgeling Pheasant across the slough. It surprised me because I have not seen one in about 5 years, and the one at that time came over me like a flash flood. I was watching the far side Levee when suddenly this large bird rose as the Phoenix above the Levee top flapping directly towards me. It was a big Pheasant Rooster flying directly towards me at head level. He glided after he cleared the water and made a nice landing in Mitz’s lot next door. At one time there was a large number of them on the far side. There may still be and perhaps merely changed their routines.

Californias State Bird the Grouse top knot and all. He’s looking so regal in his perfect posture and oddly colored plumage. I like to photograph them in a natural environment but so many times the only shot is when they are upon asphalt or cement. Gravel is fine for me, as is grass or a leaf litterd shaded area under trees. They are surprisingly faster than what one maight imagine skittering around running at top speed; there must be a reason for them to fly.

I posted this Hawk, he’s a Red Tailed Hawk at least twice the size of the Coopers. I posted it because I see it as a hauntingly domineering picture. The background of clouded skies is my favorite when it is natural.

For the next 3-4 weeks I will be using mostly photos in my archives. I will be taking pictures as usual I will be using my 22 year old Canon, the first digital model. It’s going to be interesting, I looked it over and although I used it for years I had to study how to charge it, and go through the entire menu for orientation. I have it set up on my Gimbal in anticipation of a productive session in the morning.

I’m thinking of up grading my camera because it’s been my experience that once stuff starts to have problems it doesn’t let up. I talked to the Manager of the Photography Store I frequent (on line) for his advice. His reply surprised me “I think you’re better off keeping the one you have.” That’s why I’m a diehard customer.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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