The Fledgelings are Out in the Sunshine.

I’ve had a mixed up beginning of 2022, I venture to guess I’m not alone. The chronic illnesses are one thing that are fairly easily manageable, it’s the unexpected stuff that can drive us batty. I’m not going to piss and moan but I feel as if I want to. Once again Facebook has blocked this blog, they are now marking it as spam; this is one of the most non-contentious blogs anywhere. Oh well I’ve lived with the ban for 5 years, but what took the cake was when my camera crapped out this morning. It’s a total unexpected bummer, I am unable to repair it, the mother board in the camera has a manufacturers error (err 70 to be exact). Canon is going to repair at no cost to me unless if there are more issues not covered. Luckily I have a lot of photos in reserve.

I was surprised when I went out doors this afternoon and saw this fledgeling Pheasant out my window. I have not seen one for a number of years. I was turned all up-side down with nothing ready, rushing I set up my camera and was fortunate to have time to take a few pictures of it. The new Chicks, Goslings and Ducklings are coming out of the woodwork this week.

The Ducklings are very close to learning how to fly. I have taken many photos of the Ducklings with my goal of recording them from yellow plumage to adult. Unfortunately their color matches the tules and weeds on the Levee’s perfectly and they did not show up in the picture. No matter what I did I was unable to make them visible. But here they are a nice picture but I wanted to show them maturing; oh well that’s the way it goes. They are fledgelings as well, not quite flyig yet. I’m sure they will all go through learning while my camera is being repaired.

Another goal is to take some good photos of Red-Wing Blackbirds in the air. I find if I concentrate to place all of my attention towards a goal I usually achieve what I’m aiming for. But these two are still not quite good enough; I want the spark of life in its eye and more detail. The above picture was sprinkled with the luck dust as I captured the image of what I believe is the female mate of the bird behind it. I really don’t know what species the front bird is.

This one, I don’t know what to say about it except it very nearly ended up down a one way street with no exit. I’m not sure where I’m at with this goal other than keep taking photos of them and figuring out what I can do to make them better. I did it with the Crows and Ravens. The Red-Wing Blackbirds will be tougher because they have every challenge a bird can have. They are dark black, they are unbelievably fast especially in a 25mph wind and they are hot dogs in the air showing off their maneuvering skills.

For being so hard to find over the past few years the Night Heron is everywhere on the slough these past seven days. This bird flies around me several times a day, in fact I had a weird encounter with him yesterday. I am 1/3 Sioux I’m not an activist but I do follow many of the old ways. While watching the Night Heron flying around I was hoping he would land on a pylon near me. I live in three worlds Nature, Reality and the Spirit World; they all are one. I asked the Great Spirit if he would help me to get the Heron to land on the pylon. I am not making this up, when I was finished the Night Heron took to the air and flew directly towards me from about 100 yards away; then landed on the pylon I asked for him to land on.

He knows I’m a Seeker and there is a special place for us wanderers in the native world because we are a very long way from home and need him to be beside us.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

2 responses to “The Fledgelings are Out in the Sunshine.”

  1. I cannot believe you have been blocked from Facebook!! I have never replied to someone I subscribe to, (I have very few subscriptions) but I had to respond to your post today. Whenever I am down, which can be often these days, I pull up one of your posts and read your calming words and enjoy your beautiful photos. There is something calming about your posts and I have come to love all the wonderful pictures you take and the educating blogs you post. I am glad you are still doing what you are doing regardless of what has happened. I want you to know there is at least one person out there that depends on your uplifting posts to get through her days at times!! Keep up the good work. Blessings to you and your family.


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