Egrets on Taylor Slough.

I generally like to use photos I have taken the day I write a blog, generally. There are times I go through my images during the day resulting in my placing a bunch of them on my front page getting ready to post. Although I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to capture a lot of pictures over the past 3 months during my recuperation, I planned to use dated Hawk photos; I’m ditching that for Egret pictures I took a few days ago.

Those I’m posting were taken while the Egret traversed a 20 foot section of the Levee across the slough. He’s predictable as nearly each day he travels the same route from South to North than North to South. Daily it’s nearly a carbon copy from the day before, this one is a creature of habit.

That makes photographing him a bit easier, being able to predict what he does next is a real asset. When they are on the move on sinking weeds as this depicts they make movements that are unique. That is the advantage of being able to predict when they will take to the air. Landing is a different matter.

It doesn’t matter how many images I take or if I take the same ones many times over. I like many other (amateur) photographers are continually searching for that perfect shot which occurs I predict 1:1000 pictures. Those are pictures of good enough quality to enter in a national contest, they are perfect in every way; I have yet to shoot one.

On the other hand some pro-photographers are of the opinion that anyones first 10,000 images are there worst. They claim as well during their photo sessions they make as many mistakes as novices do; they just know which ones to keep and toss out. I believe both of those claims because it’s not merely taking pictures it’s the preparation needed for the result to be in the extremely good range. As an example I took over 250 images along with the four I have posted here; I have culled all but 54 from the initial amount. I will be deleting more tomorrow, most of them are repeats so it’s not a big deal really.

I had taken 150 yesterday mostly of the Night Heron, I deleted all of them.

The Egrets with their pure white plumage produce beautiful photos when everything falls into place, focus, composition and lighting.

Mrs. Lebec and I are planning of printing a series of pictures for display on a sitting room wall. Originally we chose the “Golden Sunset Great Blue Heron.” ensemble but we are now considering a series of an Egret landing. Those wide large wings in a good Sun with the shadows of the plumage showing are hard to beat. I send them out for printing, it is much cheaper and the printer helps out inexperienced people as I am; they should after spending hundreds of dollars to print and frame; but that’s not their real concern. They want return customers and they know one bad result will send some people away. I send one then after it’s delivered I order the remianing depending upon their performance. It’s actually interesting and quite fun really.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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