The Night Herons.

I have taken 3 weeks off due to my health, I’ve been sick since Thanksgiving; finally I’m feeling much better. It’s not contagious, all of my chronic illnesses decided that was the time to act up.

Although I was unable to go outdoors for much of my down time I made a goal to capture images of the illusive Night Heron. I had seen him once in a blue moon for the past few years. This Spring he showed up and hasn’t left; he hasn’t stopped flying either. These two images have a nice back ground, admitantly I lucked out. I was tracking it with a blue backing when it dipped to below the Levee, photography in many ways is being in the right place.

The images are similiar this one was taken seconds after the first one. Night Herons are stately appearing creatures exhibiting an attitude of all importance. I had waited each morning for him to begin flying, I was not disappointed. For a Night Heron he sure flies around during the day a lot.

My goal ended up being to get an image of it perching as I had none until I took this one. It’s not a well composed image, nor is it a good one however it does show it’s bright blue back; he was in the direct morning Sun. I managed to capture several of these; most likely doomed to the trash can in a few weeks.

He was airborne when I started wishing he would land on the pylon closest to me. Sometimes strange things happen, I saw him heading towards me low. It appeared he was heading for the dock, all the while I’m thinking “Holy Cow.” Not the most exciting reaction but I managed to take a few of him landing (I missed the take off) but I took over 50 of him perched.

I was set up nearly perfectly, 50 yards from the bird accompanied with a nice mildly overcast sky making the session pleasant. There are a few issues when set up taking very detailed images, each one ends up being a keeper. I take at least 3 shots of each picture most of the time 5-8, I ended up with 150 images with at least 60% duplicates. Normally when taking so many pictures of one pose at least one is out of focus or displays other operator errors. I am not finished editing and deleting the images; it gets tough when I want to keep them all and my computer is screaming for more storage space.

I will pick up the needle and move it to another groove for a second. I read (audio) I just finished reading “Game of Thrones.” The movie may have made all the sense in the world but the book did not. My main question among many was “What is that wall doing there?” It has no reason for it, and why was it manned? The book did not come to an end, or it was an extremely weak ending not anywhere in comparison to the beginning half of the book. I had the impression the author did not know how to end it.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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