The Photo gods Have Not Been Around for me Lately.

The Photo gods Have Not Been Around for me Lately.

I have days when my photographs are just not up to snuff, Sunday-Monday and Today (April 26, 2022) have been three of those. I set up my small Vixia video recorder to film the Goslings and Ducklings. I succeeded in recording about an hour of videos in 8 separate clips. I stored them in my external drive most likely to be deleted at some time down the road. I did make a nice video of our annual “Opening Day Parade”; most locals on water have them. It was operator error as I had forgotten it does not perform well in bright lighting; it does well indoors; I did not adjust the white balance and it cannot be fixed in editing.

I had taken several photos of the Mallards, several of the Male and of the Female; the one in this image is the best of the bunch and it’s soft. Part of the problem I had was an old nemesis which I’m sure I share with other photography enthusiasts, being too far from the subject. One Hundred yards is a long stretch for my 400mm lens unless it’s a large target. One other issue with this shot is the super bright colors my camera picked up; it appeared to be not real I had to tone it down.

Above is another taken during the past three days, it’s OK for what I use it for. That is to simply make an image to share of the Goslings. For that it does well but it is rendered down to being a mere snapshot. I have a substantial amount of editing yet to do; I’m looking at this image now and I’m pretty sure it’s headed for the trash pile.

This image was taken April 17, 2022 at 6:00am, 75 yards away, slower shutter speed and the light was not yet intense. I suspect the window for good lighting (other than the videos) had passed with those I took during the past three days.

This photo was taken during the same session a few minutes later, it was taken in the same Sunlight at the same distance. The Sun was filtering through the leaves of the large Trees on the Levee, when I time my photo session to the Sun I realize more successful images. However when I experiment I have yet to realize that’s exactly what it is and the majority will be deleted most likely. I say most likely because if it is unsuccessful I will keep a few for reference; trashing them after a few days. I have had times when experiments work and I end up with the opposite problem; which ones to delete.

I must include this image of the Green Heron it is the last picture I have taken over the past three days. I snapped 10 images and kept this one, it’s not that the others did not turn out. They did but they were all of the South end of a North bound train; that just will not do. Belly shots, rear end shots and images with the head in the wrong position (this image is guilty of that) are all not good. But there are always exceptions to the rules making this image actually alright; a 100% success rate is what I strive for; it has never happened and most likely never will.

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