Little Rain, Little Ducks and Goslings

Little Rain, Little Ducks and Goslings

On our Island we have three boat parades, Christmas, Opening day and July 4th. Last year was the first one held on the 4th I suspect it may continue; 98% of the time I’m wrong and the other 2% I’m not sure about; the jury is still out on that one.

I am happy the slight rain we received will help keep the Wildfires at bay for a day or two longer; any amount is a good amount.

We had a fairly large party during the parade, I took a video of it and posted it on the Island Facebook page.

I used my Vixia 800 Canon video recorder, it is the bottom of the line cam-corder. The reason being it will record sessions of 1/2 hour, stop, then start again for another 1/2 hour continuing until the operator chooses to end it. With my DSLR the recording time is 1/2 hour as well, that’s all, no re-starting or known way to continue.

I did take a few pictures; the Tern in the photo was taken along with the one below on April 23, 2022 (yesterday) at 7am.

I took 30+ and kept 7 I’m still editing them, they are swift flying and diving birds. My goal is ( and has been for a while) to take a photo of one entering the water during one of their dives. I am confident it will come to pass, practice, practice, practice.

I took some of a Turkey Vulture but it was this pose and the next flying shot of which I took several.

I was having a problem with focusing, I began to think it was my camera or lens when it was actually operator error. On my 600mm is a switch to adjust focus from 2-3 feet to infinity, it should have been set on infinity but was on the lower value instead. I re-set it and all is well, I’ll be checking it every time I use it.

A mating pair of Mallards, he’s about ready to fly the coop, in fact he’s not in the next image. I suspect he took the typical Male Mallard escape route he’s off looking to mate again with someone new.

Yep, there he is no where to be found, raising of the brood is left up to the female, she has 7. We’ll be fortunate if 5 survive, this is most likely their 3rd or fourth day of life. I was waiting for them to swim around that bend however this is as far as they were able to go.

The Canadian brood was close by swimming across the slough towards the Mallards. I was waiting to get a photo of both together but there was a bit of a snag. During the weekends we have fishermen in their boats along the shores of the slough. That’s fine for sure but they frightened both broods closer to the rocks; then the second boat passed by. The Goslings and Ducklings moved up against the boulders and were back in the nest when the third passed by.

Unlike the Mallards the Canadians mate for life through migration, nesting until death do they part. However there are times the end comes at the most inconvenient time; some don’t survive migration. In that case the survivor wastes no time in finding another to continue the courtship, mating and raising the newly Hatched Goslings.

We are fortunate to have two nesting pairs within my eyesight, one Mallard, Mud-hens, Pelicans and the forever active River Otters along with Mink; all share that same nesting site.

Jaques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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