Camera Settings Experiment; again.

Camera Settings Experiment; again.

I experiment with my photography during sessions quite a bit; at times I will plan an afternoon session with the intent of conducting experiments. I did just that Monday afternoon then repeated it this afternoon; this was using two f-stops. I normally use the “wide open” f-stop on the lens I am using however I watched a YouTube video featuring “Walk on the Wild Side”; the name of the video site. The presenter is Scottish with the accent making it enjoyable to listen to; not to mention he knows what he’s talking about. In it he suggests using f-8, f-9 or perhaps f-10 although it’s a bit high. I have done this prior to the past two days but it was an uncontrolled excursion.

I took several photos of a California Quail and a Great White Egret making sure I was within a reasonable distance. I don’t know how they came out because I dropped the card between me and the arm of my recliner. The only thing I got out of it was a cut on the tip of my finger from digging around trying to find it; I didn’t. So I instead inserted a different card and hit the pond again; this time I took 157 images of the Canadian Honkers and the Goslings; I kept 7 at the f-9 setting.

Set at f-9 (every camera is different) my images were soft as the photo above shows. I cropped it liberally along with editing it to make it as clear as I possibly could. I attempted to enhance the yellow of the Goslings, subdue the green of the background and make the color of the Goose stand out a bit. The photo above is evidence it did not work; I could have gone into Photoshop but that would have resulted in a picture I didn’t take. This image is one of the best of the 7, I have to work on what if anything went wrong.

This image was taken at f-8 Monday April 18, 2022; I cropped it as well but it was a normal crop to eliminate wasted space and a piece of debris in the water. The goal of using smaller aperture settings is it will show more detail over a wider range. Looking at the ripples and reflections on the water I am of the opinion it worked. However this picture is dependent upon the viewers taste in art. I posted it on four web sites, one was FaceBook; it has received quite a number of good reviews on all of them. On two websites it was featured, that’s typically a “feel good” award from moderators.

This picture was set at f-9, when comparing to those taken at f-8 or even f-6 for that matter f-9 can’t hold a candle chance in a hurricane. The Goose is focused OK but the Gosling (which are a challenge to get a good focus on under the best of conditions) are soft, fuzzy and lack detail.

I will for now avoid f-9; until my next experiment that is. Some good was realized in my efforts the main one being none of the settings had an over abundance of background noise. I will use f-9 sparingly until I come up with a situation where I am able to use it in the natural flow of photography; I expect to use it in low light situations during my next experiment. I have done that before but my skills were not up to the task; still I’m working on building an experiment that will be useful.

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