A Bit Of Rain; A Lot of Wind

A Bit Of Rain; A Lot of Wind

It’s a few weeks early for the seasonal winds to begin but it is beginning to look as it has. It will be up from now until the first of September however from how early it’s begun there is a chance it will end early by an equal amount. A bit of drizzle was enough to make everything wet which I had no interest in; I spent the day indoors. My entire work life was with all men working in all of the weather we met; there was no being sheltered until it “let up”: 40 years of that is enough.

There is far more good in the Sierras much needed snow is falling; not nearly enough help with the water shortage. It will help hold the Wild fire season off for a few weeks; we’re expecting a bad one. It’s impossible to predict what the summer will bring, I wonder if there is a chance it will rain through it.

The critters are all still at their nests and dens tending to their new broods. The Hawks are few and far between not coming out as often as they will in a few weeks. The Turkey Vultures seem to be on a bit of a hiatus as well, I see a few young ones but not the flocks that are common here.

I took a few photos of a new born Otter pup, but it was confusing for me because I do not understand why it was so far from the den alone. It had me worried for the little guy he was on the near side of the slough with the wind up just a bit I’d estimate 5mph. It swam from the near side to the far Levee a distance of 100 yards from where it started to cross. My pictures were not good enough to post, I couldn’t tell what it was from them. That’s the one thing that deadens an image for most people. When a comment of “what am I looking at” is overheard it’s not good for the picture. It’s happened to me, when it does I tell people that’s the kiss of death for a photographer.

The Gulls are not in the numbers they normally are zipping around the waters edge. They are tending to their hatchlings as well, I continue to see them flying overhead at dusk heading to where ever their rookery is. Normally they put on a big show during courtship but this year they have not; the Cormorants have taken their place fighting over the coveted Pylon at the old dock. There are not many Seagulls right now but their place has been filled by the Terns which are not in large numbers yet but I expect them to be.

Terns are interesting to watch, they are fast and maneuver like a bird 1/2 of their size. They are successful hunters as well racing through the sky they make an arc upwards hover for a few seconds then like an arrow plunge straight into the water. They catch a fish and fly out of the surface holding lunch in its beak. Continuing the hunt for most of the day I have taken many pictures attempting to capture an image of one of them diving; no such luck yet.

To add on the list of good things the slight rain accomplishes is it will most likely hold the Wildfires off for a few weeks, less or more I can’t predict. More rain is expected Thursday hopefully dumping more snow in the Sierra Nevadas where the Fires are usually larger and more deadly. With this wind it may be extremely bad this year; not only in California but all of the States west of the 100th meridian.

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