Rural Urban Wildlife

Rural Urban Wildlife

I’m looking across the Island across the Slough (Jersey Island) off in the far distance I am able to see the Urban expansion. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area 45 miles as the traffic crawls from the City. My Island (Bethel Island) is in the heart of the Delta and one of several Towns on the many miles of Levees built by the Chinese Laborers about 125 years ago. Although living near a huge City there is a plethoria of wild things here, opportunities abound for a photographer.

However there are times during the year; mating season and wildfire season as examples, the critters are few and far between.

Red Tailed Hawk

This is one of those times, patience is the rock to sit on when this occurs. I am fortunate to have a lot of time to do what I want as long as I have access to it on my mobility scooter or electric chair. Mrs. Lebec will take me to a park, drop me off and I will sit with my camera waiting for an subject to photograph. There is still a lot of wildlife in the area, we merely have trouble seeing them; or finding them take your pick.

Speckle Bellies

It’s days like this I go out early in the morning, it’s an important part of my daily routine, every morning I take pictures of something. Creating a goal for the day prior to rising from bed then kind of sticking to it helps. Some days I plan on taking images of small flying birds, others I will choose flowers or one of a thousand other opportunities. Five days of each week I take several hundred images, most are repeats as I take no less than Ten when I press the shutter. Ten shots increases the likely hood of realizing at least one passable photo. Twenty virtually guarantees one good for most purposes.


There really is not a lack of subjects, when a photographer has the time to wait; something will eventually fly, swim or run past I merely have to be ready. However it doesn’t always go to plan; after all plans are made to be changed, but it seems something nearly always happens. If it doesn’t creating something is the next step and that’s when “what if I do this just to see what happens?” is the new direction to take; Landscapes, Sunsets and abstracts are all in the game. Plus I’m always on the lookout for anomalies such as interesting boats, Coyotes, and of course Big Foot; I’m a professional Bigfoot Hunter, please don’t confuse it with being a Bigfoot Finder. If I found one I’d have to get a new line of work because the hunting is over.

Green Heron

That’s what I tell people when I’m asked what I do for a living and it beats telling them “all I do all day long is fool around.”

When all else fails or we are blessed with a bit of rain I study, a lot of subjects. My goal for this year is to learn the Photoshop suite by Adobe, I’m doing well with Lightroom Classic and mobile, it’s very slow going with Photoshop. During these times I will look through the websites I frequent for ideas; mostly for my blogs. Most creative people run up against the Elephant once in a while, I one day set my guitar down for over a year. When I picked it up my playing had improved, try and figure that out.

Red Tailed Hawk

I have many days when editing the photos taken during the morning session I delete my entire effort, yep they stink really bad. Other days every one of them is in the range from good to excellent, I’ve had both in the past week.

That is one big difference between the professional photographers, (their knowledge and expertise is remarkable), they know what to delete and which photos to keep. They take as many pictures as the non-professionals but they delete many more then amateurs. The pros are looking for that one in a thousand that is perfect in each way prior to editing, after all they are selling theirs and I’m messing around with a camera.

One of my experiments in Landscapes

My mindset is no matter how far I can wander around, which is 1/2 mile to the North and the same to the South, I am always able to find something to take a picture of. Will it be an award winner? Maybe not but there is always the possibility I’ll come across a notable subject.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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