Western Gull; California Gull

Western Gull; California Gull

I assume most of us are familiar with SeaGulls, there are many sub-species of which I am not able to tell apart by memory. Actually I am unable to identify them without a book or on-line app. However I’m able to recognize one; the Western SeaGull.

They are common throughout the West Coast seaside and inland water as well. One of my first memories of California was when I was in Boot Camp in San Diego. While we were mustering on the asphalt “Grinder” they would bomb us, being young I thought it was funny until I was hit. If you have had the opportunity to see the end of a San Francisco Giants baseball game you would witness in the 7-8th inning an invasion of Gulls. The flock is so populated there were times when the birds were hit with balls and the game delayed.

SeaGulls will eat a variety of foods, most they hunt for but are not below stealing from other birds, Sea Lions and will even steal the milk from mother Seals. They will skip across the top of the water snagging fish in their bills.

When there is an overpopulation of females they will form a family with one male. Each will lay eggs and both will tend to the nest and the chicks after hatching. The Western Gull has been impacted by pollution, while in the egg some of the developing male embryo’s were changed to female. It’s curious if this is a natural reaction or if the birds are capable of executing an elaborate plan such as the two female family.

They are entertaining to watch while attempting to find a reason for their madness; but they are merely active loud birds. When I lived in Fresno, California, basically a hot dry desert during the summer, a large flock of them would fly from one end of the City on the South to the San Joaquin river and ponds on the North end. This scenario played out every night.

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