Lots of Activity Today.

Lots of Activity Today.

A false spring has stubbornly grown roots appearing to be here to stay for awhile. It has inspired people to trim Trees, it’s a good time to do it. Not my Peach Tree however, I planted two Peach Pits 4 years ago it took 2 years for them to become a stable enough tree to bear fruit. They were big juicy beautiful Peaces, the next year not so much zero Peaches; bad pruning perhaps. This year it has what appears to be about one thousand blossoms. Deep freezes are needed for the fruit trees to set blossoms and fruit, I don’t recall how cold it was during the winter of 2020-2021; that may have been the issue as well.

This morning I made a plan to take two images of the same subject, I waited for their positions to be different before I took them. The subject interestingly enough was my old buddies the Green Herons. Typically they fly in pairs then shortly before landing they split ways this morning was no different. I was set up to start when the Green Heron in the photo above came along landing on the coveted Pylon. I took 30 images most of them are keepers, that is kind of the kiss of the picture gods. I’ve been going through them all. Two of the Heron were completed at the time of writing this blog. (I still want to write it in the morning, but things are complicated when you’re old like me.)

This is the second one taken hand held from a few feet from the tri-pod holding the second camera. The first photo was taken on a 5-6 year old 70D Canon and the one above taken on my T8i Canon; yes the one professionals don’t like at all. All I have to say about their opinion is “so what?” I can do all of the tasks they call a negative. The 70D is the one I have been thinking of buying from one of the daughters, it was a hard decision to make of which I opted out. As it ends up one daughter bought it from the another daughter, in my opinion its a good thing. My intent is to show the new owner what it is capable of, it is a very good camera.

I’m happy the camera deal has been completed Mrs. Lebec wanted to do a “charity purchase” suggesting I buy it then give it to one in our family who is interested; my mouth said “maybe” while my brain was screaming No.

I thought I saw Mallards off in the distance, I checked with my Binoculars thinking the same when I put them down. Now it’s a waiting game for them to swim from the point across the slough to my side then towards me. As is usual they didn’t follow my plans hardly at all, they did traverse the water but took a right turn versus a left and they swam out of sight. I took a dozen or so as they were moving across then I was able to take some of them taking off; the plan worked it had to be their way or the highway.

They were Ring Necked Ducks, the males display a purple head, the females drab and colorless. This is the first time I have seen them in the slough, due to my mis-identification I thought the heads should be green. Viewing in the viewfinder I was tempted to delete as I was that convinced the light had messed them up. I keep telling people don’t delete any images in the field upload them and if they are flawed keep them for a few days gradually eliminating them after making a decision to do so. After looking at a few I realized the color was real; back to the bird books I went. I did not know the name of them or hardly any other details, I cleaned up the images and they ended up OK; perfect for my blog.

Today was another good day, I had a reasonably productive day taking many good pictures early then taking care of some of my computer messes. I purchased a pair of Sony headphones the high end noise cancelling model to replace my less noiseless pair I used for years. It’s a bit strange how it works for me at least with no hearing. With headphones on I am able to hear the outside noises as sharp retorts, air escapes and all sorts of weird noises. My inner ears are OK if they get vibrated enough I can hear a bit which explains the use of noise canceling and why I purchased the best I could not afford. They are the absolute best thing I could have done, I can hear music, when plugged into my receiver I am able to hear well enough to have a conversation with minimal lip reading and best of all the audio books are easier to follow. I would do it all over again.

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