Try and Fail; Bad words.

Try and Fail; Bad words.

Words, punctuation and expressing thoughts is what writing is all about, from my perspective. Words are important, they have meaning of which I know a small handful of in the sea of information out there. Leave it to me to declare a few words are useless. Commonly used they roll off of peoples tongues like a hot pepper. Fail is one, this word should not exist, no one can fail or ever has. We plan along with educateing ourselves as much as needed to tackle the task at hand, normally conjuring up more than one plan; referred to as plans B through Z maybe. It doesn’t matter how many plans are used or attempts made, we don’t fail we back up take another look and tackle it again.

I had an opportunity to take a few images of the Ring Neck Ducks, the purple head is the unique males display.

We search the internet, YouTube and Google for new ideas how to tackle the task, we don’t fail. Not even when we get to the last plan, we simply walk away making a statement akin to I just couldn’t make it work.

Try, Try, and Try oops, that is the second word.

Try is a doomsday word, it is self defeating it does not give completion a chance. I don’t try, most of us don’t; we do. I have never understood why we would convince our children to “try” a dab of food all the while with him/her declaring it will be tried but they’re are not going to like it. Not only did the child defeat me but defeat was visited upon them as well. Try is in lock step with fail they are partners, “Well I tried but I failed”. The problem is trying not doing.

I managed to take several keepers, my ratio was quite a bit higher; they were 100 yards away taken with my 600mm lens on my daughters 70D Canon.

Everything I have done in my life has been done without the intention on it not working. Try and fail are mental anchors once we say them it is set in stone, not a guarantee of an incomplete task but it places us one step closer to it. The closer we become to being the sole person able to remedy a situation the more abstract those two words become. Failure is never an option, most of us have been faced with a situation of which we are the the person saddled with having to solve it, chances are it was solved. Even though the dastardly try and fail have gone on to live on in the back of someone else’s mind.

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