Gheesh Geese.

Gheesh Geese.

Large flocks of Ducks, Geese and Pelicans have been making flyovers for the past two weeks. There were a number of small flocks becoming larger each day when three days ago the sky to the North was filled.

I believe these are “speckled bellies” or officially “Great White Fronted Goose”, they fly in from up in Alaska for mating time. They don’t make much noise making it necessary for me to keep my eyes wide open to catch them on the wing.

They haven’t landed on the slough yet preferring the pasture across the water. They make a wide circle around each spot they consider suitable for them to spend the day eating. Correcting their approach by maneuvering against the wind they land as most birds do. Taking to the air displays the same behavior, taking off into the breeze then making an abrupt 180º they turn their back to the wind spreading of the wings propels them at a breakneck speed.

Taking photos of any flock of birds is difficult to get each member in focus, luckily this part of the flock were all at the same distance. Belly, rear and overhead images are not my preferred compositions however once in a while they work as I believe this image does. It was early morning with the rising Sun being in a good position with nice bright light.

One more nice flock picture I hope to take others this week, with luck they will land in front of me. The various species of Geese feed together, and at times mix up their flocks whether they realize it or not I don’t know. It’s convenient for them as they all fly off in the same direction but the Canadians are considerably larger in size than the Speckled Bellies. The attraction in the pasture besides lots of food is the shallow ponds populating the low spots. It’s been windy for 3 days making photographing birds in flight a bit easier, they are slowed way down.

Mrs. Lebec had a cement slab built on the edge of the levee top near side connecting it to the ramp from the house. She was concerned I may back my wheelchair off the edge when it was dirt so she had a small patio constructed. It is much better than I could have ever imagined, I am now able to set my chair on it and photograph from Mount Diablo to the Sierra Nevada Range over 100 miles to the East. It’s surprising how a mere 10 feet was able to allow me to see so much more. It is good.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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