Doves and Natural Colors that Don’t look Natural.

Doves and Natural Colors that Don’t look Natural.

The false spring has become a standard for the past 3 weeks or so, it was 80º today and yesterday. The weather is beautiful for June but not February, if it doesn’t start raining soon we are in a deep rut. I get a bit un-nerved when the weather report is the rain total is whatever percent of normal; I have news for them drought is the normal and always has been in California. If we get 1 inch of rain it’s above normal, what’s abnormal is the depletion of the Central Valley aquifer and them begging for more water while ignoring the truth. For now I will assume the rain will come.

I spent last week sick again, no it’s not covid I had a bunch of blood clots (many) and went to the E.R. and told to do nothing for 22 days while on a thinner that dissolves them. Hopefully I’m back in the saddle again.

I took some good photos of Mourning Doves from 7 feet from me as I was sitting on the waterside deck. I had the OK to go outside after 3 days out of sick bay. I posted the three I took on the local Facebook page, a few commented on how they didn’t know Doves we so colorful. They are, it came out due to it landing very close to me, it’s easier to focus, aim and depress the shutter. That distance also allows the sensor to collect more color when taken in RAW. Then in editing the colors have to drawn out, it’s a process but I end up with brilliant tones; plus Canon Color is exceptional along with a MacBook that’s made for photos.

The Dove was good enough to pose from both sides, it wasn’t the least concerned about me sitting there. I wonder if it could be due to them seeing me toss seed out every morning, they are one of the species waiting for it. I was able to draw the colors out but I believe this bird may have been just a bit more colorful then most. If so this is the second bird I have taken photos of with exaggerated coloring. Regardless it is a beautiful bird.

These are all the same Dove, it stayed on the handrail for less then one minute, they typically don’t perch in one place for too long. I saw a small Dove out as well it appeared to be a fledgling, I did not photograph it due to poor conditions. When they are small natural Camouflage keeps them well hidden although they are in the center of the Levee. Besides I would have been above it by 4 feet, that doesn’t make for a good photograph when combined with the deep dark shadows. It appears some of the females are carrying eggs, it’s quite a bit early and it may have been brought on by the spring like weather.

The Great Blue Heron pictured above is the other bird I photographed exhibiting out of the customary brown to grey coloring. At the time I thought this may have been affected by the atmospheric conditions, it was taken during the “blue hour”; I don’t know why it’s so deep blue.

There is always someone questioning the integrity of them and don’t believe they were not edited to death which they weren’t. It has at times gotten to the point that I am expected to explain how it happened. It’s hard for some to believe they look without seeing, after seeing these animals for years the experience has taught me some things just don’t stand to reason or logic. Those are the basic ways humans think and most likely the reason we don’t understand animals very well at all; they possess no login or reason. Animals thinking may include them but I believe it is overshadowed by what evolution has bred into them. Their priorities are much different than ours, at the top of the list for them is food, for us it’s buying a new gadget.

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