A Few Pictures.

A Few Pictures.

I’ve been under the weather for the month, my blogs have been sporadic at best; hopefully I’m back in the saddle again for a while. No it wasn’t covid I had minor surgery then a few days later spent a night in the hospital; I’m an old bag of rocks – all is fine. I had to stay in bed for a few days but I could go out doors yesterday.

I took pictures over that time, Surprising some pretty good ones. The weather hasn’t been co-operative at all with the fog, haze and then the bright dispersed sunshine. However with patience and the right camera settings it wasn’t too bad. I don’t take a lot of photos of Hummingbirds, I decided to work on that. One of the reasons is they are so fast and I’m so slow it’s a real Tortoise and Hare race. There is a huge Rose Mary bush at the edge of our Levee which attracts the Hummingbirds and Honey Bees. We also use it for roast Chicken and soup as well; people walking the Levee are free to take as much as they can carry. I attempted to squeeze a bit of color out of the little bird but the hazy sky seems to suck the color from everything; although the deep blue flowers on the bush came out exactly as they should.

During one of the breaks in the fog I spied this Great White Egret fly in from the West to land upon the near side Levee bank. It was a mere 30 feet away from me although I had to finagle my old body into a position to get a good view. I decided to be a bit artsy and took this photo between the weeds. I do that often in my attempt to create a story or conjure up an emotion or memory from long ago. Unfortunately this image evokes neither from me but it’s a nice picture, one day I will look at it and it will remind me of this day.

The Otter was out and about early one morning on the dock next door, actually there were 3 of them. I believe they are a year old due to their thin bodes and small head; they will fill out this year. They were fooling around as Otters do making a mess chasing one another. They keep an eye out for Skunk-puppy, she will chase them into the water if I don’t catch her. Otters are mean animals, well it’s a given as they are wild with huge teeth and will stand their ground when cornered. Luckily they always have an out when the dog takes off after them, but if she ever challenges them she’s a goner. This is an example of the grey atmosphere taking the color from the image.

The Canadian Geese have shown up as well, feeding each morning in the pasture on the far side they sporadically take to the air all day long in groups of 2-4 individuals. I have had the opportunity to take many photos of them while I was laid up. I’m always curious when I get comments from people simply saying “I don’t like them”. I do understand in some locales they are a real pain in the neck to put it lightly. To me they are another beautiful creature that I happen to be able to photograph, in other words I don’t really care what the picture is of as long as it’s a good quality image.

I take a lot of photos of Egrets replacing the poorer quality images with recent ones that are a bit better. Their bright white plumage is a draw for me, in the correct light the details are remarkable. They spend a considerable time in the pasture across the water, they are called “Pasture Egrets” on that side of the river.

I have a view of 16 miles to the top of Mount Diablo and a panoramic 20 miles to the North and 20 mile to the South of the peak; it’s a spectacular way to stretch out the old eye balls early in the morning. I use my binoculars to determine if a critter is headed towards or away from me; except in the fog where they are of no use.

I like to take Landscapes with animals in them; I’m not sure what they are called but I’m certain there is a tag for them. This Great Blue Heron is gazing over the pasture most likely preparing to fly to its favorite feeding area next to the Canadians. It will stay there for hours at times when the wind is down or the fog is up; or if it’s hunting. In other words that’s what they do day after day. It’s easy to see how they blend in with the background, the blue haze matches their plumage well.

I have taken many images of the Cattle as well, I will write about them in tomorrows blog; I like Cattle and it’s a long story.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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