What Happened; They came out with No Color.

It doesn’t take long for the fog to settle in after the Sun set, looking outside at 6pm it is already pitch dark. In the morning it’s still covering us; visibility is 50 feet at best. It dissipates beginning around 10am and is pretty much lifted by noon. For the remainder of the day we are under a grey high fog dissipating the Sunshine; spreading it throughout the entire sky. It’s a strange light that I compare to being inside a fluorescent light tube, the glow surrounds a person.

The reason I described the Sun is every picture I took had no color in it, they all appeared to be black and white. Mrs. Lebec came out reporting to me she smelled smoke, I did as well but it was from our woodburner. She was correct (again) a light haze was hugging the ground I didn’t notice it due to it being clearer then the fog. Looking at the photo above it may be the haze filtering the sunlight coming into the camera; in other words it was smokey out.

I managed to save a few of the SeaGulls skimming across the water but they retained that black and white look.

There is a pair of small Sea Lions in the Slough today, at least it’s the first I noticed them. They were fishing and the Gulls were picking the scraps from the top of the water, for me it’s always fun watching them.

I saw several large flocks of Geese, Ducks and Crows I was set up and ready to take some pictures if anyone of them came within range of my 400mm.

I took advantage of the opportunity when a small flock of Canadians made a U-turn in front of me. I saved several of them they were not as B&W as the Gulls. The Canadians fly in from one end of the slough either the North or South and typically make a wide ranging circle before choosing a water landing site. They don’t stay for long as their destination is the pasture across the water. Within a few minutes they rise from the water and either slip right over the levee or they make a big deal out of it. This morning they chose the big deal tact. Rising out of the water this morning they fell in formation, about 25 of them, and loudly they made a huge circle around the cutout on the slough. Settling on the pasture the noise stopped I assume they were busy feeding.

After about an hour they begin to leave in groups of 3-6 all heading in the same direction, I suspect they spend the remainder of the day in the new wetlands project about a mile away. I’m one of those people that like the Canadian Geese, I was a bit surprised when I read a news article talking about how the population was out of control. It was somewhere up North, perhaps Canada but I don’t recall. The residents of the town had a strong dislike for them. Geese do make a mess leaving their scat everywhere, lots of it. Every now and then someone on the river will decide to raise a bunch of Geese, I don’t know what species just white ones. The novelty wears off rapidly as the complaints from neighbors begin to roll in, the Geese aren’t long for the Island.

Jacque Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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