What species of Hawk is this?

I have to admit that I am el’stinko at identifying birds; and no better with reptiles. One would be wise to ignore me when a Snake is spotted and I say “don’t worry it’s more afraid of you than you are of it”. Run from it fast and far; it goes a long ways in explaining why I’m not afraid of them ( I don’t know what they are).

My concern tonight is this Hawk I took numerous pictures of this afternoon after the fog lifted.

I would take a wild guess at it but I’m convinced it would be wrong, I think it may be a morphed Red Tailed Hawk; don’t go to Vegas on it. This is the Hawk that flies past my deck nearly every day between 11:30am and 1:00pm. Today true to form he passed at 12:50pm, a bit late but still in line with it’s habit; they truly are creatures of habit. I was set up today for it although I was cautious while tossing the ball for Skunk Puppy: while my attention was on the ball I may have missed the Hawk. I had missed it for the past two weeks while being distracted, late or a lack of concentration.

I stayed on task today and was fortunate to have the opportunity to catch him as he flew overhead. I have watched some of these birds from 1/4 mile away then two seconds later it is flying over my head. They seem to appear from nowhere especially if they have a tail wind. I first spotted this guy traversing the slough then taking the deep dive to the pasture on the far side. He was on the ground, I could not see him but I did see him land and I knew he would take to the air once again. The reality is they do not rise up from the far side in the same spot they dove in.

The photo above is from yesterday.

More often than not they will take off then follow the the levee one way or the other rising above it at times several hundred yards down stream. but that’s part of taking pictures of animals in nature, patience is a virtue. For me however I appreciate having the time to just hang around after a lifetime of hard work. I have this pre-occupation with Hawks I will at times leave the field feeling bad if I missed a shot of one. They aren’t all that hard to find or photograph, the issue I have is I fool around so much while waiting I miss the flyover. While waiting this morning I took a few images of one of the least respected but highly populated Sparrows.

They and the Sea Gulls were numerous during this Sun packed day, I felt a bit bad for not having seed to toss out for them. But there is this big Bay Tree on our Levee, two actually they just look to be one. They have these balls much like a pine cone but this is a deciduous tree and these are not cones but balls. About the size of a ping-pong ball they are full of seeds. The Sparrows like the seeds, eating them off of the deck the big flock will clean them off of the surface. However they leave in return all of their little white spots for Mrs. Lebec to wash off with the hose.

I am not able to handle a water hose any longer as it gets all tangled in the frame of my wheelchair; man how it does get wrapped around it. If I take it out on the Levee the wheels get caked with mud and more often then not I get stuck and she has to come and push me out; then hear about how I should use my scooter when out beyond the house; yeh I know. But I get my scooter stuck more then I’d ever admit; it’s one of those things when after it happens I look around to make sure no-one had seen it happen. I guess I’m being more careful now, but just because I haven’t gotten stuck in while doesn’t mean I’m getting any better at not sticking it.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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