Back on the Trail; Merry Christmas!

I have been determined to gain control over my computer system and I believe I finally have. My challenge was to make sure I keep an up to date backup of all my files, but especially my photographs. Many sites keep backups of the files that are created for paying customers as WordPress does. It gets confusing much worse then keeping track of ones hundreds of passwords.

I began with the purchase of a MacBook Air which at first I spent considerable time in buyers remorse.

When the rain stopped I spent time chasing little tweety birds, these that I am posting.

I’m that old guy that who resists many of the applications supplied with a new device, my MacBook was not an exception. Then I lost all of my files and my hard drive was wiped out, it was a rude awakening. Apple has a bunch of useful applications supplied with those they sell. One of which is named “Time Machine”, of course I resisted using it. Much to my detriment, I cut my nose off to spite my face. I resisted buying more iCloud storage because it was a gimmick they came up with to make more money. I was intent on re-inventing the wheel.

Photo of the same bird in the same tree, exactly at eye level, it’s a nice photo.

After losing all of my files and 2500 photos I began researching how to back up my computer and new iPad; I did not need to investigate very far. It’s incredibly simple after I decided to merely use what was supplied. I took the hint after watching a YouTube on setting up the Mac and iPad, the presenter was ripping through the process. There are times when one sentence will meld all reason together and a light will pop on in my old brain. He set up everything as it came along on the wizard, he exclaimed “It’s best to take advantage of all that is offered by apple, after all that’s why we purchase them.” He was and is correct, after I set it up the way Apple suggest every thing fell into place.

I contemplated deleting this photo due to it being so busy around the bird. A combination of drab coloring and perfect camouflage was a consideration.

I have both set up now and have over the past two days come to really like Time Machine; it backs up my entire MacBook every hour as long as the external drive is connected. It’s a bit of a pain but if one chooses it may also be saved to iCloud. I chose an external drive as suggested by Apple, now I will backup the backup with my second 2 TB external. I’m not going to worry about how to use it to re-load my entire computer until I need to; as a bonus it backs up Lightroom Classic and Photoshop, whew that’s a relief. I had iPad left to set up.

When I am on a photo session and no critters show up I take advantage of whoever does, today it was the small birds.

My iPad was easier then the MacBook, as I started to investigate how I was to set it up to backup everything automatically I fell upon it. I went into preferences to click save files to iCloud when a box appeared stating it was already set up. It would be great if iPad had Time Machine as well but that would mean hauling a second piece of equipment (the external drive) around with the iPad. That defeats the reason for purchasing the thing as a compact small computer enabling one to edit, store and share photos and videos on the run. The iCloud is an added expense but you know some things just have to be accepted, especially if it eliminates having to learn how to make some other method work while inventing it on the run.

It eliminated the headache of searching for methods to make it work thusly enabling me to use the time saved for learning the systems I installed. As it ends up I have spent the time learning Lightroom mobile, Premiere Rush and continuing Photoshop; I will be free to use the apps now versus wrestling with storage constantly. It was a double bonus, I spent most of the saved time not only studying the apps but being sure I understood them and was able to use them as well.

I wrote this as a word to the wise, use what is included with the machines we purchase, the manufacturer developed them and we must accept that yes they do know best once in a while.

Merry Christmas!

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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