Holed up inside; Tutorials are on the Menu.

Lightroom is on the iPad I purchased for video editing, monitoring my camera videos and light editing of photos when I’m in a remote location. OK the remote locations is a bit out there, the most remote I get is about a mile away on my scooter. Lightroom, premiere Rush and Photoshop are the three apps I have installed on it. I spent a considerable amount of time going through tutorials today (Lightroom mobile) I now have a general idea how it works.

It’s a good time for tutorials the sky is overcast with intermittent rain sprinkles, nothing heavy it’s more of a mist than anything else. Still it’s out of my wheelhouse.

The temperature is just cool enough for the Great Blue Heron in the photo above to appear to have a winter coat on. It’s a bit interesting to see how the big bird is capable of fluffing it’s feathers to look as if it’s a giant feather boa. I watched this guy for quite a while as he perched satisfied with his situation for the hour or so he was there. I wasn’t out there for the entire hour because I had coffee and stuff waiting inside.

They are very patient hunters, standing motionless for extremely long periods of time giving the impression they are up to nothing. However it couldn’t be further from the truth their eyes are searching the surface and the depths for any sign of activity.

I was laying in wait for the Red Tailed Hawk to fly directly down the center of the Levee as it does several times a week. Today was a bit foggy for it I’m guessing, however I saw a smaller Hawk I was not able to identify. If I were to guess I’d say it way as Coopers Hawk but I’m not at all sure.

The Cormorants were out as usual zipping around the slough flying unusually high today for reasons only they know. I don’t like attributing any animal behavior to “instinct”, I’ve posted in prior blogs I don’t like the word nor what it stands for. It makes me think the definition of instinct is more in line with a non-thinking Robot incapable of making any choices; it’s my opinion they have an undetermined amount of conscienceness.

A pair of Green Herons showed themselves for a brief amount of time, just long enough for them to fly from one perch to another then disappear into the glory of the Delta. The male and female typically fly together, mating for life they are constantly in one another’s company. I had seen the Tules rustling below the hill, I was thinking it was a Muskrat or another similar creature. It was the only game in town so I kept my eyes on the activity when I saw a football shaped creature in the shadows. Sure enough it was one of the Green Herons, the other was nearby however that could be anywhere from 5 – 100 feet apart. When this one decided to take to the air its mate rapidly caught up to the leader and off they flew just above the water then around the bend heading South.

The Crows were out this morning, not a lot of them I saw two flying by about 200 yards away. They are still the first ones out in the morning normally in pairs with the first two flying out alone. Making a survey of the pasture across the slough they make a wide ranging circle flying over what appears to be 1/2 of that Island. Upon returning the remainder of the mob takes to the air, but only during fair weather. There are times they confuse me into thinking they are Hawks or Falcons but their flying habits eliminate that quickly. Hawks glide, Crows don’t except when landing, Ravens do and are more challenging to identify when flying with a like sized Hawk.

The small birds were out today as they always are, it has to be a nasty gram of a day for them not to be searching for seeds. They have to eat an enormous amount of them to make it through the days they face. I have bird seed but I don’t like spreading it in the damp weather, I heard a long time ago it may get moldy. I’ll wait until the weather dries up a bit; I have black Sunflower seeds and tiny Grass seeds they prefer.

We have been watching Christmas movies for the past two weeks, some are cheesy, others are really good. There are a number of new ones out showing that writers still have an original streak of imagination. For me it’s back to tutorials on Lightroom mobile then I’ll move on to studying Photoshop a bit until I grow weary and need a break of a week or two. But this is the time for studying and staying holed up indoors.

Merry Christmas

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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