The Nature of Things.

I have been through a two week adventure without leaving my chair. Sometimes Most of the time I think I understand things better then I do (know it all ism I suppose) I bought a new iPad for assisting me with photography any where. My MacBook Air has as every Mac has a storage system on the hard drive labeled “Macintosh HD”, it has limited storage. When it fills up it is extremely difficult to fix, many files must be moved or deleted. The issue is there is no place to move them unless more cloud storage is purchased, but that can’t be done until the drive is un-jammed. Consequently I deleted over 2500 photos accidentally, and then the hard drive had to be wiped cleaned to fix the Macintosh HD situation. For a week I thought I had lost all of those photos. While setting up my iPad Lightroom mobile was installed, then it began downloading photos, 2500 of them had been found.

I’m backing up my MacBook through Time Machine (an Apple app) every hour, I’m attempting to do the same with the iPad but it will take a bit of a learning curve.

Great Blue Heron caught a rat.

It was my own fault but I was saved by the cloud I’m not sure if that’s what it was but that’s fine with me.

I took some more photos of a Great Blue Heron in hunting mode a few days ago when the Sun was out. I have two sets of images recording two separate events, he exercised the exact same behavior during both episodes. The only difference was this set was taken mid-morning and the other early morning. He didn’t catch his victim on this side of the slough which is true of the earlier set of pictures as well.

He catches them on the far side then carries them to the old dock to prepare for the dining experience. Dipping in the water is a common practice not only for Herons but all shore birds feeding on small mammals. All of the victims are no longer alive during this process.

It takes a considerable amount of time for the big bird to prepare his meal, he may be performing another task along with the Washing in the water. At least for him this time was a successful hunt, he will consume this himself the next one may be headed for the nest to feed the fledglings. However this late in the year the nest is most likely empty, the fledglings are most likely on their own.

It is indeed a lengthy process, why he turns to walk along the deck is a mystery to me it would take less energy to stay where he was. I don’t believe he’s drying his meal out as the moisture acts as lubrication for the trip down the gangway. They have narrow necks as well as a narrow beak and throat, or it appears so. His motionless stealthing pays off for him more than I believe it does. The reason may be due to me becoming tired of watching the hunt for sometimes over an hour with nothing happening. But it’s a delusion, because when I turn my head that is when the swift move happens. That happens a lot while I’m watching and waiting.

It happened this morning when Skunk puppy and I first went to the Levee, she with her “ball” in tow and me my camera. I parked my chair at the end of the ramp and prepared the settings. I picked up the ball with my stick then tossed it down the hill, looking up just in time to see a Red Tailed Hawk fly along the Levee on my side of the slough no more than 20 feet away. All I was able to do was watch it pass by while holding my coffee in one hand, camera in the other; I will make another attempt tomorrow morning. But not if it’s raining, none of the three of us will be out in it; after all me and the dog are only fair weather adventurers. We’re not explorers we merely follow well beaten paths in our maturing years on our endless quest to spot Big Foot.

At least the MacBook is fixed, I’m working on the iPad; it’s a horse of a speckled color I will figure it out. Backing up my photos is the most important issue for me now, I don’t want to lose any more. But it was a blessing and a curse as it enabled me to be rid of some of the fence riders; you know some of my favorites that had no further use except “feel good” for me. It will enable me to be more particular as what is a keeper.

Merry Christmas

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