Tour Time.

As is typical this time of year once the fog rolls in has a tendency to stick around for a while. Few critters wander out in it except for the usual suspects, Cormorants, Egrets and others. It’s been a bit cool as well, at least for us on the West Coast where we are not accustomed to weather.

I let Skunk Puppy out fairly early this morning to be greeted with the sight of a Great Blue Heron on a pylon appearing to be in chill mode.

Is he wearing an extra coat of feathers? It sure looks like it, if not he has a lot more feathers than I have thought. None the less he stayed there long enough for me to return to the house and fetch my camera. There was no need to hurry he was frozen to that spot while I had my first coffee in the house.

I returned to the Levee side and was greeted by this bulk ship bound for Stockton. It’s on the false river headed East, a shallow water way the pilots are highly skilled at navigating it. Several ships pass this way every day, this is a bulk carrier, it carries many different commodities. Looking at the cranes I suspect Rice, Wheat or Barley, if it carries a load such as Petroleum Coke other products cannot be stowed. I have taken several photos of them as they pass by, this one is the first I have liked. The fog adds a special something to it.

The landscape opportunities are not all that great from my perspective but I keep taking them. I watch for critters across the river which this view depicts, it’s nearly a mile from my vantage point to the trees. Without the fog it is not a pleasing view because of all of the new construction behind it. But it gives the viewer an idea of how wide open the Delta is, and being so close to San Francisco it is surprising.

As I stated Cormorants are regulars on the slough, they are just hard to photograph because they are so dark. This was taken two days ago when the Sun showed itself in the afternoon. They are active all day no matter the weather, even in the dense fog they were out this morning.

Then there is these three guys, they must have heard the shutter of the camera causing them to turn in unison to look at it. Sparrows are interesting birds, they are on every continent in the world with the exception of Antartica. They are every bit the survivors as Raccoons, Coyotes and Crows, I believe these will be the same animals that survive a world ending calamity.

Well that’s my world as it was this morning, I have more Christmas shopping to finish, I better get with it. I don’t know how Santa did it before Amazon came around.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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