Sea Lion Salmon Fishing

It’s been a busy week which I imagine holds true for most people. A combination of the holiday season and terrible weather throughout the U.S. is putting a damper on many activities. Mrs. Lebec and I were sharing Christmas shopping duties this year, we purchase 32 presents just for immediate family. I finished mine however because I’m so efficient (it doesn’t matter what it is as long as it’s something is my motto) but the main reason is I have the time. We have 5 grandkids to buy stuff for yet, I think I have inherited them as well. I’m not a bah humbug, just out of time and that explains my blog post absence.

I got some good photos during the only break in the clouds.

I’ve seen Salmon in the slough several times during the past few years, they migrate from the ocean followed by the Sea Lions. Seagulls show up from no where after the first fish is caught; he caught 4 while I was watching him.

They are active fishing under the brightest Sun, I wonder if it’s due to being able to see better under water. But then I’m not sure how much they depend upon sight there may be something else at work. Their whiskers I have recently learned are as sensitive as our fingers, however if they are close enough to feel a fish with the whiskers they would be close enough to grab onto them. Another interesting part of the Sea lions eating is

Swallowing the Salmon whole, now this is a large fish in the photograph. Most of the time however the Seals slap the fish from side to side to render it unconscience, or worse. On occasion they will bite the fish into pieces, which explains the presence of the SeaGulls. The Salmon on the other hand are swallowed whole.

They are committed to their hunting swimming from one end of the slough to the other. The Salmon at one time were thick in the rivers they followed the flow into the mountains to spawn. Those days are over since the dams have been built after WWII, they are poorly constructed and designed. No allowance for the migrating fish was made, they have been blocked from the spawning grounds they had used for thousands of years. Along with the farmer caused droughts they don’t stand a chance.

There is hope a new trend has been created, reclaiming wetlands in the Bay Area. At the North end of our slough (Taylor Slough) is Dutch Slough a fast current water way. West about a mile away is a creek that stretches across the flatland for many miles. Just off of Dutch Slough the levee has been breached filling a recently contoured 1800 acres into a wildlife preserve. Several species of wildlife have made it home including Raccoons, Otters and I hear there is also a Bear that has taken up residency. Also included is a spawning area for the Salmon which is I believe attracting them to travel along our Slough. The fish have been following that creek (Marsh Creek) in limited numbers for EONs but it was not the main spawning route.

From my perspective it appears to be successful in attracting the numbers needed to create a population. Of course as with everything good that occurs there are people who are opposed to it. It’s all built on speculation, Mosquitos, Coyotes, Bears and on the list goes. It makes me wonder why they moved from the City to a rural area if they don’t like wildlife and isolation. My passion is saving this Delta from its total destruction by the Corporate Farmers with the goal of taking all of the water South and turning this into Saltwater. They along with the negative people just don’t get it.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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