Time to Create a Calendar

The day started a bit blustery this morning, overcast, foggy a typical winter morning in the Bay Area. The sun showed itself before noon and turned the day into one worthy of bottling up and giving out as Christmas presents. The activity on the slough is picking up, the Seagulls are making a comeback in preparation for the mating season just around the bend. Dusk is always interesting I have 1 hour to take advantage of it, I’m in luck if the critters show themselves in the light.

The image above was taken several days ago, it’s the last picture of a series I took of the Egret landing. It was taken at 3:50 pm. The Sun sets at 4:45 pm during daylight savings. There were clouds in the sky hiding the Sunset which explains the lack of color. It’s a fairly long shot from the top of the levee to where this bird is, just over 150 yards; I used my 400mm lens to capture it. I prefer taking photos of animals or birds in action I’m not much of a fan of Sunsets.

I took this picture as the Sun was setting, I captured the Golden Glow however nice it is this atmospheric condition takes place several times a week, the other times we are bathed in blue. I tell myself I take so many sunsets as fodder for me to practice Photoshop on. This view of Mount Diablo is cluttered with utility lines and towers of which I remove all of them. It’s a process that takes a considerable amount of time with the results not guaranteed. Like I said I’m not motivated by the Sunsets, I am however by the colors and developing my Photoshop skills. These are all natural colors, I keep capturing the reflected glow from the Sun on the Mountain top.

I wrote a blog on Sunsets yesterday I don’t want to re-visit it, my intent in mentioning it is because when I take them I’m not as interested in them as much as I am in editing. The best photos of Sunsets may find their way onto a wall in a frame, but most like mine are abandoned to photo archives. I prefer a display of 3 or 5 pictures linked by a common theme such as flying birds or another situation or activity they are partaking of. Mrs. Lebec has chosen several she would like to have printed for display. She takes into consideration my artist eye for balance, color and location. She will pick out a number for me to print and mount. The image of the Great Blue Heron is a good candidate for one such set of prints, if I had an office I would place several sets on the wall.

Most of the pictures posted on our local Facebook site are of Sunsets, when 6-10 people are taking photos of the same one from different locations it gets a bit old. That is the reason I concentrate on reflected light as the colors exposed are far more interesting then the Orange and Reds typical of them. A photographer on the Island creates a Calendar each year, it’s a great year ends goal. However he posted one of his candidates for it asking for opinions if he should use it. Well, it was a Sunset but the details were so scant I could not figure out what I was looking at. It’s the kiss of death for a photo if the viewers don’t know what the subject is. I did not critique it in the least, however a lady suggested he has displayed much better photos and perhaps he should use those. My opinion if I were to express it is he should forget the Sunsets and Landscapes chasing a different theme instead. A person has to really like Sunsets to purchase a Calendar full of them.

I have no desire to publish anything for sale, I’ve done that and I don’t like it one bit; I can no longer handle stress. But if I were to be asked or create a Calendar I would chose a theme a bit more relevant to the Culture of the Island. Boat names on the transoms, Docks, Wildlife or Community gatherings top my list. The Calendar guy has a niche he is successful in promoting the gatherings on the Island. He is pretty good at marketing our lifestyle in action photography. I would most likely purchase one if a different theme were to be employed, Sunsets are not for me I have hundreds I don’t like in my own archives.

Jaques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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