Morning and Night Landscapes

True to the predictions we woke up to a rainy morning, most likely the last one for a while. Now the prediction is dry weather for the next 12 days at least, I believe accuracy fades after 10 days. I spent some time out side with Skunk-puppy, she doesn’t like weather and won’t leave the house unless Mrs. Lebec or I are with her. It was a solid overcast with the appearance of rain, none materialized after noon.

I took advantage of the gloom to experiment with the subdued lighting and mist. The tree in the photo above is one mile from where I am, the early morning light added softness to the image. If the Sun was exposed the features would not blend in with one another as well. Still the green of the pasture stood out nicely complimented by the blue haze in the background.

The Sunset wasn’t as kind to me, but this is an interesting image showing the setting Sun in a small opening in the clouds. I suspected when I took it that at best it would be an iffy photo. I’m not sure what to make of it, the low lying mountain ridge 16 miles away, with a fog between it and the small town area below with the pasture in the foreground. The blue of the atmosphere is an accurate color as is the sunspot and the green of the foreground. Its final destination may be the trash can, I’ll keep it for a few days.

This early morning image of Mount Diablo is a keeper the rising Sun is reflected off of the mountain exposing the East facing cliffs and details. This is a fairly common effect during the summer when this was taken, the haze in the foreground is a nice compliment to the overall image.

The conditions are different nearly every day, I don’t know what I may wake up to, this image was taken during the summer as well. The intruding clouds made for a nice reflected Sunrise. I take photos of subjects in the morning and evening with the intent of capturing reflected light. It takes a substantial amount of studying the light and other conditions. At times I will wait for 1/2 hour or longer for the clouds to move or the Sun to rise or fall a bit more. I wait for the the light to illuminate the subject in a unique way.

I experiment often as I did with this photo, it was taken this afternoon while the entire sky was covered with clouds with the exception of a small amount along the ridge of the Diablo Range. This is reflected light from the sunset to the right of the photo on the far side of Mount Diablo. There are two prominent colors blueish and orange kind of reflection. I was unable to lighten the Orange and the blue was just as stubborn. It’s not perfect but it is an interesting picture even with all of the dark shadows and obscure features in the foreground. However the mountain ridge is well defined and the blue sets off the orange sunset. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this image, it is too good to delete and too bad for display but it is good to hang on to as a reference and further study. One thought I have is I could adjust my white level to lighten up the dark a bit but I feel it would not represent the picture I took accurately. That’s the thin line between keeper and trash can.

The image of Mount Diablo above is my reference photo. This is an accurate picture of how it appears on a normal clear morning, I am taking what may seem to be an unusual large number of images but there is a reason behind my madness. I started with the intent of creating a panoramic of the range hopefully 16 inches x 32 inches, my vision of it is fading. There is a bit too much editing removing the utility lines and structures which dominate my view. If I had access to the center of the pasture it would be horse of a different color. Unfortunately even if I was able to gain access on the road I am unable to walk to the spot I would have to be to achieve a good photo. My next move is to ride my scooter to the West about a mile to find a composition clear of most of the lines. I’ll roll out of bed during stable weather to enable me to discover a good composition; sitting and observing is an important aspect of photography. It may take a few mornings to discover one. It is critical as 15 photos are required, 5 sets of 3 identical pictures from the same spot with my trip-pod. Next will be photoshop to merge them all together for final editing. It will be a tough gig to create an image with the appearance of it being one click from the camera; It will be great if I will be able to capture the Mountain with a snow cap. We’ll see how it works out.

Jacque Lebec Natural Self Reliance.

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