Great Blue Heron; Lunch Time

I’m don’t know what is going on with WordPress and the font size, I prefer using a larger print. Just slightly larger than what I am using now it is a 20, I prefer 24-28. It’s not a big deal but I would rather choose the size on my own.

The next choice is 36, way too large.

I was met with great weather this morning, no wind with a few clouds shrouded with the natural shadows of early Autumn. It’s calming to be outdoors with nature during the early morning hours. I have been sleeping in lately, getting plenty of rest is good for ones health. However I have always risen between 4 and 5 am, I’m now sleeping in until 8 am. Mrs. Lebec rolls out of the hay earlier than I and when I wake up early I wake her while attempting my escape.

I took several good images of the Great Blue Heron while it was hunting. He along with the Great White Egret were both active on the slough, the Egret spent most of his time flying around. I had the opportunity to take a few of the Heron catching a Rat or some other small furry critter.

He was motionless for a considerable time staring into the abyss, his patience is enviable. I will often hold my camera focused upon them intending to wait until I am able to catch him/her taking flight. It’s more difficult than it looks for me, during my younger years I had a lot of upper body strength. Now I possess just the right amount to hold a fork and knife, it’s like an aerobic exercise considering the amount I am forced to eat. I’m not forced but I read an article that Bears consume 20,000 calories a day preparing for winter. I joked with Mrs. Lebec that I’m only up to 10,000 yesterday and hope to make it to 15,000 today. Can you imagine eating that amount of food?

He nabbed the critter, I’m guessing it was swimming by in which case I don’t know what it is. Another possibility is it was captured else where and the bird dropped it in the water accidentally; or perhaps on purpose. It’s interesting watching them prepare the meal by dipping it in the water several times, I counted six times into the drink. It had already met its fate before the Heron began messing with it.

I am guessing they dunk it to lubricate the victim prior to sending it down the old hatch. I don’t want to overdo it with the pictures of it in the birds beak; but it is the natural way of things. I’m certain it was not one of the Mink that live under the dock next to this one, at least I believe they are Mink. Too small to be Beaver, Otter or Muskrat, I’m not sure if Mink will choose to build a nest on the water. But we have strange Rats also, they appear to have the coloring of a Guinea Pig. They are grey with a white broad color around the neck, the tail is longer than a Rat displaying on the end a tuft of fur. But this one appears to be too dark and one color I believe is brown. It doesn’t matter too much what species the unfortunate one is; it is now one with the Universe.

He finished in short order then assumed his normal position, rock still peering into the pool that he relies upon for everything. I held my camera steady as I focused upon the soon to take off Heron, I waited, patience is a virtue, I tell myself, I waited longer. My batteries draining, my arms are aching still I wait for the magic moment. Finally I could not hold my arms up any longer and dropped them, you guessed it the Heron immediately spread its wings and made the most beautiful rise to the sky I have ever seen; I missed the shot, I’m going to start lifting weights. But first I’m going to have to write a schedule, the type of exercise and calories burned prior to starting; that will take me a few weeks to complete.

This was my goal this morning but it was not to be; I went to the archives and conjured this picture. I always have a goal of using new photos in my blogs every day however some don’t fit the narrative and others like today don’t pan out. I perform all of the due diligence but apparently either the critters aren’t receiving the memos outlining the daily activities or they just aren’t reading them. I suspect something is up because they never do what I tell them to, I may have to hire an entirely new crew. I don’t want to fire them as some have been with me for a long while, but hey I may have no choice.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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