Rain ending Wildfire Season.

The wildfire season is over there is snow in the mountains and rain water in the valleys. The reservoirs have gained a few feet (not nearly enough) and there is more on the way. It’s not enough to fill the huge voids behind the 2,000+ dams but it cleaned up the air and again the wild fire season is over.

Now we can shake ourselves off get rid of the summer dust and prepare for whatever this winter will bring. To make a prediction of what it will bring is futile at best I’ll take one day at a time. It looks like rain today but none has fallen yet I have been outside most of yesterday and today.

I’ve had plenty of opportunities to capture some good images but as usual I think about those I’ve missed. One was a Red Tailed Hawk jetting past me at 50 feet 60mph it seemed, but that wasn’t the problem. I should start doing warm up exercises before I think about pictures. These old bones are slow to action that old Hawk was 1/2 mile away before I realized what had happened. But that first swig of coffee is what keeps the old boiler in tune, I’m not worth much until it goes down the hatch.

I capture a lot of images of the Green Herons they are becoming one of my favorite birds. This guy has been a regular since the beginning of summer, I suspect it’s his first year. He’s a tiny one the photos don’t do his size justice at about 9 inches tall he lacks the others by about 3 inches. He is in one of his favorite spots occupying it from mid afternoon until dusk. I am able to approach him fairly close within 30 feet however he may not be able to see me through the tall tules (grass reeds).

I would like to see a few Night Herons I suspect there is one or two in the neighborhood. I may have caught a glimpse of one two days ago flying across the slough then diving into the shoreline reeds. I haven’t see it again since, I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

The Crows and Ravens are beginning to trust me again after several years, I didn’t know I scared them away. What made me believe I had is they have been avoiding the house flying well around it. About 5 years ago I set up my tri-pod with my video camera on the center of the ramp to the Levee aimed at their rookery 75 feet away. They took a few laps over my head apparently wondering what I was up to. After several took a survey they flew back to the Pecan Tree. After a bunch of chattering and Cawing the entire mob took to the sky not to return for 2 years. They did return after that time but have been avoiding the house as if it were diseased. I surmise they thought my camera was a gun, it was set up during Duck season. People will shoot Corvids, I suspect they were targets several times. But now they have begun to fly overhead once again, and to my surprise they are doing it with my camera set up on the ramp. Apparently they have been watching me as they made their passes making the determination I will not harm them; which is true.

I would like to start leaving food out for them but they will choose meat over any other food and I really don’t want to set it out for them. Peanuts, Sunflower Seeds or Corn I will but none of that will draw them in as long as the pasture across the slough supplies them with carrion. None the less it’s been a great few days; just taking it as it comes along.

Jacques Lebec Natural Self Reliance

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